Thursday, August 7, 2008

Bear Down

(Before I start this post - I would just like to paint this picture for you - me, trying desperately to start the big email catch-up while laying in bed at 12:57AM, with Cheese laying next to me. He is passed out and wide-mouthed, filling that air around my face with garlic-rosemary breath and ass gas. My two favorite parts? 1) When he snargles and snores, and subsequently expells these REALLY large breaths with his face about five inches from mine. 2) When he surprises me with a silent fart - the ones I can't hear but then the stink hits me out of no where. And you CANNOT even begin to imagine what this smell is like.

He tries to tell me that all boys like the smell of their own farts, but I cannot actually believe that he honestly loves the bowel smells.

I mean, I have to check my own eyebrows to make sure they haven't burned off with some of these bombs.

And in these moments, I find myself looking over at him and his cute freckles and pink lips, sleeping soundly next to me, and remind myself - I love this man.

But gosh, it would be nice to go to bed without having to put a pillow over my face.

Now back to the regularly scheduled programming.... )

"You're blog's been really lacking these days, eh?"

So says my brother, Nolan, today in a phone conversation.

But he's right, and I am sorry. I cannot begin to describe how out of control crazy things have been, and then there's always a bit of a lag when the Big Cheese comes to town (usually a day to get him settled). So now here we are, it's Friday, and this might be the first real post of the week.

But fear not - this weekend is pretty packed with things, including a half-marathon on Sunday - the Chicago Distance Classic - so plan on some pictures to go with it all.

Tonight, after a VERY LONG day - complete with a near-verbal brawl at work between me and the bosses - Cheese and I went to the Bears game. And despite the fact that my family has had season tickets for my entire life, Cheese bought me my FIRST Bears jersey of my life to wear to the game.

Opposing teams - I was so sure Cheese was going to find himself a Chicago-style ass kicking, but he behaved himself (well, that and the usual season drunks behind us didn't show tinight - so potential conflict avoided) . Until the ride home....when some douche bag in a moster truck (need I go further with this story?) started screaming at us on the way home on Lake Shore Drive about the Chiefs sucking.

Now, call me crazy, but whose the jackass when you're screaming "Loser" at the winning team? Isn't that, like, the first rule of heckling - "Make sure your team wins before you start baggin' on the other team?"

I'm just saying...

Me and my Hester 23 jersey.

Cheese from our seats.
And Cheese with me - I have decided that, while I tend to spend more time staring at other people then the actual game, I can still be considered a Bears fan because:
A: I live in Chicago, and so do they. So proximity says I am a fan.
B: I love hot pretzels and they serve them at Soldier Field. Do I need to connect the dots here?
C: Don't question my rationale - Bears fans have a rep for being impulsively aggressive...
Cheese after the Bears pulled ahead in the fourth.
Cheese when the Cheifs answered back and won. And despite the loss, I am still smiling, because I, unlike the poor sap in front of me who was passed out by halftime and ended up throwing up between his legs (lightweight) was not only conscious, but grateful for a lovely evening of bad food and football.
So all in all, it was a fun night even though we lost. But it's preseason so who cares, right?
Tomorrow should be an pretty light day, inlcuding a long overdue and much needed massage in the afternoon. I think we might try to hit a Sox game tomorrow night. And in case there is any question about whther or not I am a Sox fan - see the aformentioned list.
And then pass the mustard.


Danielle in Iowa said...

I was in Champaign-Urbana the year the Bears played down there and believe me, I was soooo glad when football season was over. I never got as many random drunk person comments when trying to get places than I did during those few months...

Prin said...

Busy is good though. :)

Good luck for the half marathon. Yey!

stronger said...

Does Cheese have sisters? Because I remember my brothers terrorizing us with their farts. Maybe Cheese is making up for lost time with you as the fallen victim. Sorry 'bout that.

You both look so darn cute.

The Big Cheese said...

Hey who won the game? Oh, wait that's right...KC!!!

The Clyde said...


Bears suck!!!

Can't wait till Green Bay plays you and Favre throws for 4TD's ...oh wait...SHIT....

(And Stronger, yes Cheese does have a sister. She is very easy on the eyes, right Cheese?)

The Big Cheese said...

You motherfucker.

Tri-Angle said...

I'm sorry
I just can't get over the blasphemy that they call Soldier Field.
So wrong on so many levels.

Oh Clyde...and Cheese

No picture = no sister that is easy on the eyes.

The Clyde said...

Triangle, a pic can be found in one of his race reports from last summer, quick go look before he deletes it.

The Young Family said...

A few years back (crap it was 2001! been a while since I left town!) we went to Yankee stadium, when the Mariners were playing (they are a team located in Seattle - in case you haven't heard of us - these days we are lacking on the talent front) Anyway we ride on the train in full mariner gear, the people from NY we were with wouldn't talk to us, seriously they walked behind us (dressed in black - ofcourse!@!, saying we were going to get out shirts ripped off us... alas it didn't happen, and we ended the serious by sweeping the Yankees.... life can be sweet at times! Funny thing was we get back on the train, in full Mariners gear - thank you verymuch!- and a police officer looks at us, then steps on the train and rides into NY with us!

Good times, good times.

We are headed to our first Seahawks game this year on the 16th... now that is a team! Chicago? KC? nothing but farm teams compared to our Hawks!


Tri-Angle said...

Found it
Picture = easy =confirmed.