Friday, August 15, 2008

My Head Just Exploded

After falling asleep at 5pm (thank you all-nighter!), I miraculously woke up just in time to flip on the Olympics right as Micheal Phelps was 25 meters away from winning his 7th gold.

I am stunned.

Not just about the medal, but about the race, the man, the swimmer, the machine.

I peed myself.

Back to sleep.


Prin said...

WOOO!!! That was an awesome one too! YEY!

Go Mom Go said...

Pretty awesome.
The interview with him and Mark Spitz later was really great too!


RunBubbaRun said...

Did you see the flippers on the man, they are not feet but flippers, and the wingspan..

Pretty awesome guy.. Glad I saw it on TV.

Prin said...

He got #8 tonight. YEY!

The Young Family said...

He is amazing.


Flatman said...

Change your diaper before you go back to sleep...diaper rash ain't no joke...