Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Random Ramblings of a Sleep-Deprived, Ulcer-Ridden Psychologist

1.Is it me, or does watching the Olympics make you want to get off your dead ass and do something, like go to the pool? And I soooo would, but I am too busy watching the Olympics.

2.If someone told me that they would give me Michael Phelps's abs in exchange for me cleaning my toilet bowl and scrubbing the mold out of my shower everyday for the rest of my natural life, I would say, "Implant here."

3. When I am not cheering for the US, I am cheering for China. Mostly because I worry that if those little athletes - especially the gymnasts - don't win, the pressure of their country might cause them to jump off a ledge. And that would just suck.

4. And speaking of those little gymnasts - is China recruiting from the maternity ward at the local hospital? Dang they start 'em young and there is NO WAY some of those girls are 16. My 1 1/2 year old nephew could eat some of them for lunch.

5. Thanks to all the foodie comments, I am ADDICTED to string cheese. My bowels? Not so much.

6. Although I have never cared much about them in the past, I have a sudden fascination with race medals. In fact, I almost lost my shit this weekend when I thought they may have run out of them at the half marathon. Fear not though - I got mine. Hung it right with the others on my T.V.

7. Why does it seem that everyone is on vacation this week except for me?

8. My armpits smell bad lately. Maybe its all the string cheese.

9. Training update? Yeah right. Check back for that later this week - I might find time to pull a three miler out of my ass if I give up - say - breathing at some point.


RunBubbaRun said...

The funny thing about the olympics, the US team does have alot of chinese coaches in events the chinese are dominate in..

Smelly arm pits, who doesn't have smelly ones.. Maybe you can switch to swiss chees instead.

Yeah, the CDC has a really nice medal, sorry I missed it this year, I like that big "bling" they give out..

Borsch said...

Some of those Chinese gymnasts are YOUNG! Like 14 tops!

I've never gotten a race medal. I've don't three halfs and none of them gave medals. :(

As for the arm pitts....have you tried soap and water (i.e., shower)? :)

Prin said...

1. Agreed.
2. Phelps abs on a lady? Um..
3. Agreed.
4. I like it when they're older and still kick ass. Like the 20 year old gymnast yesterday on the Chinese team. YEY!
5. Like, ew.
6. You should have a victory wall. Hang them up all tacky and junior highish.
7. Me too! At least there's no traffic.
8. Um..
9. Woo!! Ice cream all the way!

momo said...

just how much string cheese are you eating, girlfriend? i meant just one snack a day... :-)

Molly said...

First let me say that your blog makes me smile on a regular basis. I can become irritated when you, and others, so not post regularly. I love YOUR blog!
I have decided that we get smellier as we get older...or I never noticed before!
String cheese rocks (I have a two stick a day habit!)
Take Care

Flatman said...

I swear that one gymnast was 7...16 my ass.

the fire said...

they only wish they had the chance to throw themselves off a ledge...you do know that they are executed on pay per view...only it is censored...dont you?

The Clyde said...

1. People are.....my swimming pool at the fitness center, that's right it's mine, was effing BUSTING at the seams with people trying to be the next Phelps on Monday....so frustrating....

I'm sorry, but with all the hours I've spent in that damn thing, I feel a sense of entitlement as to how many people are allowed in it.

Mommymeepa said...

Um, it's called deoderant. HAHA. Thanks for making me smile today.

Mommymeepa said...

Um, it's called deoderant. HAHA. Thanks for making me smile today.