Tuesday, August 5, 2008

A Lot of Nothing Really


So I just logged onto Blogger to post, and the homepage pulled up to reveal three baby pictures in the Blogger update section (Blogger employees had kids, I guess).

I swear to Twizzlers, it scared the begeezus out of me - I almost threw up.

One second my eyes are diverted watching TV and waiting for the Dashboard to pull up, the next second my hearts in my throat as I make eye contact with what appear to be three aliens staring at my soul.

Shake it off, shake it off.



Back to self.

So scratch that earlier post - turns out that if you just stay up long enough (i.e. after 2AM) you miraculously find time to post. Okay, so it's more like you start to hallucinate and distract yourself from the real work at hand. And here is what poured out of my overworked noodle:

Sleigh Bells Ring
As heard on a news report at 2:01 AM:

“It’s August 5th, and time to start thinking about those gadgets you’ll want this holiday season.”

And then moments later, to lead into the story: “We’re smack dab in the middle of summer, which makes it the perfect time to start thinking about the Christmas holiday!”


No, it’s most definitely not time to start thinking about it.

You know what it is time for?

It’s time to think about how to squeeze in last minute bbq’s, a final summer sunburn, where to shake out all that beach sand, and how to score that kiss from a summer-long crush before school starts next week. THAT’S what it’s time to think about.

‘Cause by my calculations, Christmas is like, 100 months away right now.

If people in the U.S. are seriously starting Christmas shopping this early, I'm moving to Europe.

Oh but wait - also on the same news report? "More men in Britian are wearing tights."

Okay, so maybe not to the Britian part of Europe.

Kleenex S.T.A.T.
Does anyone else watch “Hopkins?”

Holy Shit Buckets I love this show.

It’s like a real life “ER” if “ER” didn’t blow ass. Last week’s show included a baby that almost died after being shaken (tears forming, throat lump rising) and then a man donating his kidney to save his wife (full blown sobbing, wiping snot with tee-shirt, calling all family members just to say “I love you”).

Like I don’t get enough trauma in my everyday life, it’s like I have to actively seek it out in my leisure time.

But seriously. Watch it.


Denial Ain't Just a River of Lard
Report out today: Most kids' meals at top restaurant chains have way too many calories to be healthy.

It goes on to say that this is contributing to childhood obesity.

Are we JUST NOW finding this out?

First off, why are people constantly surprised that fatty foods make for fatty people?

And second off, why is it a surprise to people that if you feed your kids fried chicken nuggets (or the like), french fries, and soda weekly - or even daily - kids will be fat?

I mean, the chicken in the nuggets doesn’t cancel out the fact that it’s still fried, nor does the vegetable part of a French fry cancel out its inherent evil.

But yet we spend money to conduct studies to tell us that bad foods are bad for us.

And truth be told– I am not perfect (contrary to popular belief), as I too have fallen victim to the heavenly greasiness of comfort foods. In fact, my late teens and early twenty were basically spent climbing out of a daily bucket o’ fries (the hangover recovery variety), so it surprised me none when I had to keep buying bigger pants.

Now, of course I had blips of occasional denial and was convinced that the dryer was making my pants smaller, but in my heart of hearts, I knew it was the routine 3AM Riccobene's deliveries.

And even back then - in all my drinking and pack-a-day smoking habit glory - I knew that I needed to knock off the cinnamon roll and glazed donut diet or I would be doomed to early heart disease and a lot of dateless nights.

But at this point – in the year 2008 - it has to be common sense, right?

Or maybe I am just hanging out in circles that are the anomalies of healthy living.

Good thing this is where all our government money is going – to study things we already know the answer to - ‘cause gosh knows it’s not going to silly little things like real child welfare.

Looking Ahead
So I am putting this out there – I am considering doing an ultra in Chicago in November. It would be about three weeks after my marathon in October, which I figure might not be a bad idea – I could use the marathon as one of my final training runs.

My reluctance comes from my anxiety over potential injury. I mean, I hate setting a goal that my body fails to meet. This has happened twice – once, training for the New Orleans marathon, when I tore my cartilage after the 20 mile training run and dropped out of the race two weeks before; and the second time was when I blew my back out right before IM AZ 07. Both times was pretty devastating.

And moreover, I just don’t want to risk injury period. Screw the race – I can’t deal with a third knee surgery.

But yet….it’s there.

This need to train.

So I ponder…..


Danni said...
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Danielle in Iowa said...

How ultra of an ultra?

So as a chicken nugget addict (they are seriously like crack to me - it has to have been like a month since I have had them last but it doesn't mean I don't think about them when I drive by the golden arches or in a moment of torture, stop there for some iced coffee), what amuses me the most is that the normal adult combo meal used to be a 6 piece nugget deal, and now that is the kids meal. For some reason I don't think that all those years before they weren't giving kids (and adults) enough food in their combo meals...

Anonymous said...

Is it the Chicago Lake Front 50k/50miler? Which one would you do? We had a friend do it last year and he loved it, he did the 50 miler. But he is also vying for a spot at Western States 100. He doesn't swim, so no tri's for him, so he is the ultra-boy of our little training group.

LOVE Hopkins. That show should be on everyone's list to watch.

Flatman said...

Ultra-shmultra. How about just trying to get your marathon PR down?

I love your thoughts on child obesity...who knew we needed to USE common sense when it comes to feeding our chilrens..? ;)

I am on the chicken nugget wagon as well. Stay away, oh golden slivers of heaven!

Wipaddler said...

Hopkin's final show is this week. It was just something they put on that was new over the summer. I don't really think they will be keeping the show as a regualer but it was a fantastic way to get a cry out if you needed too. I was only going to watch it because it's one of my strat accounts but I got sucked in on the first show and have bawled my eyes out every thursday since.

I say do the ultra why the hell not?

Kathleen said...

I agree with Flatman. Or do another IM!

Are you serious about chicken nuggets & fries... they're bad for you!?!? I should watch the news more often, I might learn something. Or not. hehe.

Alili said...

I need to do another HIM...but as for your goals. I like the idea of an ultra. Or a marathon PR. But what do I know-right now I am riding the couch:)

Erin said...

I say do the ultra...but then again, I know how my legs felt after my 17-miler this weekend...and adding that to another 33 miles? I sayz hells no! But I promise to make the drive to cheer you on if you do it!

Oh, and I totally hear you on the childhood obesity thing. I've been noticing this more and more with kids lately, and it's just plain sad. My favorite are the parents who say, "But they won't eat anything else besides McDonald's!" Well, no kidding! My mom fed us stir fry and tofu -- no sugar cereal, rarely any fast food, and made homemade granola bars as our "treats" to bring to school. If we'd have been given the choice, we'd have taken Mickey D's, too...but we weren't. It was tofu or go hungry. Eventually, we liked tofu.

The Clyde said...


A capitol EFF THAT for me!!

But if you want to do one, I'll bring the lawn chairs, grill and beer. Cheese and I will cheer you on.

tri-dogmom said...

Wanna come do Soma in October???? :-)

My body fails me too... I can't do all that running anymore, unfortunately :-(

The Young Family said...

What I leave town for a few days, and you go crazy with posts!! (that is a good thing)

Laughed at the chicken nugget comment, I think about that each time my kids eat them! I do have 1 of two children that does eat the apples though instead of fries, how long will that last? hmmmm. Hopefully forever.

Cheese moving to your neck of the woods eh? Great now you won't have time for your true friends, your blogging friends. You will start to ignore our comments, not leave us comments, then where will our friendship be? I think you need to re-think this... moving stuff. Nah, just joking, that is great! When you find the one that makes your cereal snap, crackle and pop.. you should spend as much time together as possible. Happy for you "my blogger friend".

An ultra marathon... seriously? What is wrong with you? Next thing you know I will want to do one.... stop it! stop the madness now! Definetly a goal to shoot for... didn't you just have surgery? man superhuman woman! Key is no injuries, just listen to your body - in my case the creaking and popping sounds, if they are louder than normal, well you should stop!

best wishes to you in your training!

- I am sure you are thrilled I am back from vacation.

BTW - they just announced a new RockNRoll marathon in June 2009 in Seattle! Road trip for you and cheese to see your "best blogging friend"! Sound fun!???

RunBubbaRun said...

If you are planning the lakefront
50k, a marathon program will be good enough.. If you plan to do a 50 miler, then you would need to train a little more :)..

The lakefront is easier, but in ways harder, because of the pavement..

Either way, I'll be there for the lakefront race jugging along..C'mom join in the fun..

ps. there are some trail ultra also out there as well, those are fun too.

Prin said...

5. What's an ultra? I have a can of whipped cream in the fridge that's "Ultracream" but I don't think that's what you mean.

1. S'up with the anti-baby sentiment? I thought you liked them?

2. Costco here already has Christmas lights. My dad called me from the Christmas aisle on the weekend to tell me.

3. Never seen Hopkins. And now I have no tv. Sigh.

4. Somebody I know who is American (ahem) has never read labels before, never looked at fat contents, etc. I think the aware people are in tiny clusters, and the unaware people are isolated somehow from the people in the know.

It's like people are waiting for the government to tell their kids what to eat.

When I was little, there were foods that were bad for us. We didn't know why, but they just were. *shrug* I think that's gone out of the parenting manual along with common phrases and threats such as, "if you keep that up, you won't get dinner", or "if you don't do your chores, we'll sell you to the neighbors", or the most uncommon these days, "No".

Anonymous said...

I can no longer support your sick obsessions. An ultra??? You have problems.

And I dont recall any phone call telling me how much you loved me...

Must not have made the cut that day.