Wednesday, August 6, 2008


I am entering my final day of work week hell, so in about 48 hours three things will happen:

1. I will actually return some emails that are long overdue - I swear I haven't forgotten, it's just that my life has literally swollowed me up.

2. I will have attended (with pictures) my first Chicago Bears-Kansas City Chiefs game. With the biggest Chief of them all (not counting Erin's CoS). Yes, ya'll - it's Cheese. He's back in town for a few days. Which leads to the third thing...

3. Cheese and I will have secured appropriate housing beginning September 1st.

And so it is.

Short, sweet, but yet not completly uneventful. So hang in there with me folks - this is a minor blip on the radar of life. I will be back with sarcasm a-blazing in just one more day!!!!


The Young Family said...

Wow! Sept 1st.... great news for the two of you - but how will you handle an appt that the refridgerator door doesn't fall off? That is going to be hard compete with!


Danielle in Iowa said...

Glad to hear you won't be cohabitating in the shoebox apartment!

Prin said...

You're moving? But... but... I thought you liked shoe boxes?

Good luck. :)

Flatman said...

"appropriate housing"...?

that could be a cardboard box!

and why the hell isn't he blogging any more???

Anonymous said...

ive been waiting for you to call me back for two days. i like how i find out your living arrangements on your blog.

you suck.

Steve Stenzel said...

Enjoy the game!!!

RunBubbaRun said...

Have fun at the game..

Official Cheese day is Sept 1st..Cool.. It will be the same, just more dirty laudry lying around..

Appropriate housing, is there really such a thing?