Monday, August 18, 2008

Explain This - and a Bejing Tri Spoiler

Can someone please help me understand why I had to DIG through the NBC Olympic listings for the triathlon schedule, only to find it BURIED under the USA channel?

The USA Channel?!?!

The only marathons they run are the "Law and Order" ones!

And guess what?

The women's race was THIS MORNING!!!!!

Am I on glue, or does anyone else find it to be backasswards that NBC will televise trampoline and PING PONG over triathlon?

I feel like Bella Karolyi at the All-Around event.

The Injustice!!

*fist in air*

Oh, and in case your wondering, Snowsill won the ladies race.

The men?

Tomorrow morning, on USA, at like 7am.

And fuck - the movies I rented this weekend are two days late.

Six dollars, down the pisser.

I blame China.


Borsch said...

All I can say is LOL. We all know triathlon is growing.

I guess it isn't main stream...yet.

Kathy said...

We have it LIVE here which is GREAT! Unfortunately it is on while I am at work, but I am taping them and managed to watch the womens race without finding out who won it before hand. Hope I can do the same thing for the mens (which is on as I speak!!!) - no more web surfing, checking emails or answering texts just in case.


Liz said...

I'm watching it live online right now- there was typed commentary last night for the women's- but nothing like that tonight.

I agree though- it's totally lame. The trampoline is cute and all and I know kids like it when people do all those flippy things... but seriously the triathlon is way cooler.

And way more inspiring. Watching the triathlon makes me want to go run 15 miles, where as watching the trampoline just kinda makes me wanna throw up.

The Young Family said...

Ping Pong vs. triathlon Is the President of NBC a former ping pong player?? seriously? WTF?


Cat said...

i just watched the men's race live online. wanna know who won??

Megan said...

Borsch - eh, it's my own self-absorbtion that makes me think everyone knows about the sport. and like i emailed - once JLo kils in the Malibu tri, we're golden.

Kathy - I guess that one of the perks of living on the other side of the world.

Liz - hysterical. but what I want to know is how they do that without getting themselves a tight wedgie. now that's impressive.

Em - I know, right? How is it that two things I associate with being 10 years old make prime-time broadcast? Oh wait, that's right - the Olympics are in China, and they are all about the 10-year-old.

Cat - NOOOO!!!! I am deriving so little joy from these Olympics (outide of oopgling Mr. Phelps) that I need something to look forward to (cause Lord knows it's certainly not going to be the gymnastic judges - douches). Besides, if I am going to pull an all-nighter, it gives me something to work towards comes 7AM.

Andra Sue said...

WAIT. You got triathlon on USA??? The only coverage I could find was online. And I think we all know how riveting that is. I caught the last 5 minutes of the women's race yesterday and decided just to forget about the men's race altogether.

Even if it's not triathlon, how about a little variety? I've had the olympics on just about every night and all I've seen so far are 8 year old gymnasts and swimmers with freakishly long arms. Oh and a couple near-naked asses on women's volleyball. What about fencing? Rowing? Marathon? TRACK AND FIELD??? Hmmm?

Flatman said...

I watched online... :shrug:

You need blockbuster late fees.

Have a happy day?

Madisonduo said...

We've been looking for the men/women's tri as well - bastards did bury it on USA. UGH...

Why don't you bring those late movies up here and I'll watch em' with you - I'll even pay the late fees.

Miss you!

The Clyde said...

You still "rent" movies? Are you stuck in the 90's?

Netflix. 'nuff said.

(But I agree on the triathlon stuff, I mean can't they fit that in over the prelim's of all these track and field events?)

Tri-Angle said...


Prin said...

Yeah, up here, all they showed last night was the men's triathlon. Non-stop coverage. Of course, we had the guy who was supposed to win gold or whatever, so that's probably why.

Just gotta move to Canada, eh?

Erin said...

Booooooo NBC. Seriously. No Triathlon, no equestrian stuff either. It's been on for a WEEK and they didn't show anything except show jumping for, oh, I don't know, about 5 seconds on Sunday, before switching to table tennis. Are you kidding me?!?!

Prin said...

Yeah, I'm surprised they didn't show more of the equestrian stuff because the US had a jump off with Canada for the gold... If that's not relevant to Americans, I don't know what is. :D