Sunday, August 10, 2008

Half Marathon, Whole Fun

Chicago Distance Classic Half-Marathon?


After a 4AM wake up call, and a start time of 630AM, it was hard to tell what the day might bring. But the day did not fail, and neither did my body.

I will spare you a lengthy race report (I ran, I finished, 2:07, felt fantastic, solid and strong, very proud of my time because I ran smart AND managed not to make doo-doo on myself - no small feat by Mile 11, mind you), but a few details worth mentioning.

It was me, Cheese, Devin and her friend Dave (see picture below). The weather was about 67, partly sunny, and along our BEAUTIFUL lake front. No iPod for distraction, and thank goodness for that - otherwise I may have missed the breathtaking sites of my amazing city as we headed back north after the turnaround.

And it wouldn't be a Megan post without the bitch moment - At about 3.5, we were actually running on southbound Lake Shore Drive in the right hand lane, as cars literally WIZ by us. It was tough and somewhat scary to manuver at times- in fact, this was the first time in a race that I have actually had to devote some time and effort to getting around people. Which is all fine and good (hey, I knew it was a big race when I signed up, so how can I bitch?) but then, in the middle of this chaos, I hear right in front of me, "5-4-3-2-1 - Aaaand we walk!"

Dead stop.

Minor pile up.

Another experience was the 14 Team in Training participants who, on a path that only holds about eight across, were walking seven abreast. It was like driving behind the guy going 35 miles an hour in the left lane on the expressway.

Hey listen, if you are going to rock the run-walk program, by all means have at it. I mean, hell, I even walk sometimes, like through water stations and when I get tired. But if you chose to do so, I implore you to remember that walkers STAY TO THE RIGHT and STAY TWO ABREAST!!!

It's safety. Simply a matter of safety. 'Cause honestly, I'm not winning any of these races, so the slowing down part isn't going to "hurt" me. But dead stopping in front of me - well, that very well could hurt me, not to mention the throngs of people behind me.

After all, the half-marathon is, by definition, a running race, so it goes without saying that most people will be, well, RUNNING. I mean, this should just be common sense at this point - this isn't a race specific thing either - this applies to all conditions. It's just simple running Rules of the Road. ESPECIALLY if you are running with an established team - the team leaders should know this.

Happy place, happy place.


But beside this - an absolutely wonderful morning, and like Alili said in a recent post - I am just grateful to be healthy and able to do this.

So, no actual race pictures because I left my camera in the car. Just pictures of the post-race breakfast binge - the kind where you seriously cannot get the food into your mouth fast enough - thus frightening mere bystanders out for a lovely post-church Sunday meal. Poor souls never even saw the mayham coming....

Yup. Devin's face pretty much sums up the hunger/fatigue aftermath. Poor girl looks like she's about to do a stint in County for Assualt and Battery.
You know who.
From left - Dave, Devin, Cheese, me. We ate at Lou Mitchell's, which is hands-down my favorite place in the city. Cheese looks like he's goosing my sister. Hmmmm..... And speaking of my sister - is it me or does she appear to actually be shrinking? She's always been little, but geesh - she's almost invisible!

Well, maybe not all of us were feeling the fatigue....

I prefer egg white omlettes, but hey - to each his own.


Baby, Table for One. He's like, "Hey! Where'd everyone go? I can't help it if I am not potty trained yet!"


The Young Family said...

Sounds like a great time. As a person that walks and runs on lnger runs, (my intepretation anything over 10 miles!) I get irritated with people that run/walk 4 and 5 side by side... hello there are others on the path!

As for the 5,4,3,2,1 and we walk... that is hilarious!


Kathleen said...

It sounds like you had a beautiful day & a fun time, despite the walker pile up!

Tea said...

It's funny cuz I use that 5-4-3-2-1 thing with my husband and son who are both training for their first half marathons. Something about the garmin countdown. I dunno, it MAKES me do it.

It sounds like a fun race and a great finish time.

Andra Sue said...

Great post...I think. Because all the rest after "67 degrees" is kind of a haze. Jeebus f-ing Christ, I'm so jealous!!!

Congrats to you, Cheese and the fam for finishing speedily. :)

MissAllycat said...

Half marathons are such a great distance. It still needs to be respected...but is So Much More Managable than the full.

Nice time!

Prin said...

Yey!!! Meg's back in action, both in the race and in rants. Woo!

At least the walkers gave you a five second warning. hehe..

And I love how your sister still wears the IronMeg hat. Yey!

Steve Stenzel said...

Nice run!!!! And I'm glad you didn't poo-poo yourself (also one of my fears on longer runs!)

Way to go!!

The Clyde said...

When did Cheese get sponsored by Under Armour?

The Big Cheese said...

They make a killer sports bra for men.

stronger said...

I love how Devin is still wearing the Meg hat!

Flatman said...

Way to go, Megan...!

5,4,3,2,1...WALK! ;)

What is this 67 degrees you speak of? I haven't seen that since about April... :disgust:

Anonymous said...

Congrats on a great race!

Can't wait to see you again IM weekend. I'll be the one running and walking - but I'll be off the right so I don't cause a pile up. :) Damn that is funny - at least they gave you a 5 sec countdown.

I am sure I'll see you on State St. during the run - please hold up your drink and scream as loud as you can, then take a sip for me.

Michelle J said...

Sounds like a great day to me. I'm with Steve about the poo-poo; but I have to ask - has that happened before???

I used to be one of those 10 and 1'ers, but I was always so kind as to go completely off to the side to do my walk breaks. Even when I was doing them I found it irritating that people would just stop right in front of you. Can't see they are slowing down my BLAZING 10:30/mile pace? (BTW, just did a conversion there for you Imperial measurers... we measure our runs in KM's up here!) ;)

Luv ya Meg.

kritta said...

I enjoy the people who stop and stretch in the MIDDLE OF THE RUNNING PATH.

During the century ride I did in June, some douche was stopped on the shoulder of the road (like, ON the road, not in the gravel), bike sideways, talking on his cell phone, laughing.

I was tired. It takes a LOT of energy to maneuver my bike AROUND you, asshole. How about you take four steps OFF the damn road and chat with your mommmy OVER THERE.