Thursday, August 21, 2008


Everyone uses their blogs for different reasons.


I use mine as a sort of personal journal. I mean, short of the “Dear Diary” greeting, it pretty much stands as an account of my thoughts, be them about training, life, whatever.

And if you have been reading me for a while, you pretty much know when I joke, when I vent, and when I am being dead-ass serious.

And when I write, I speak much like I would speak if I was talking to a girlfriend – off the cuff, sometimes goofy, sometimes crude.

I say things that are funny in my head, even if those words would never leave actually leave my mouth in real life.

For example, I would never say for real, “If shit pop off, somebody going to get laid the fuck out,” like I had stated in a previous post.

But I joke about using that phrase (from a song) to get sort of attitude-y and badass when I train. I wouldn't know how to lay anyone out even if 50 Cent himself was standing next to me with a 40 in one hand, and a 45 in the other.

In real life, I have about as much street cred as my 61-year-old mom.

Sorry mom, but it’s true.

Similarly, when I joked yesterday about “hittin’ it” with a character from a tv show, I would think that most people know enough about me now to know that I would never actually do that.

Aside from casual sex having NEVER been part of my personality, I would never actually “hit it” if given that chance in real life.

You know, it’s funny because, if I was sitting around my sisters, I would have totally joked about that without thinking twice.

But when I first wrote the sentence itself, I thought, “Huh. Maybe that sounds bad.”

But given the comments on a recent post about “telling it like it is” and not censoring myself, I figured, “Hey, people will know this is a joke. I can be goofy about it.”

So imagine my surprise when I was told that making that statement in yesterday’s post was “unbecoming” and made me seem “trashy.”

Apparently making a joke about having fake imaginary sexy times with a fake person is offensive.

Maybe it was offensive because it was sexual in nature (like politics, I rarely touch that topic on here), or maybe because I have a boyfriend so making goofy comments about hittin’ it with a tv character was inappropriate.

So to that end, for being offensive to my boyfriend, I apologize. I expect a certain standard from him, so I need to hold myself to the same one.

But it wasn’t more than two weeks ago when me and Cheese were joking around about which celebrity we would “give a pass” for – meaning, we would let the other sleep with if given the chance. I’d be hard pressed to find a couple (and some that have openly talked abou that on their blogs) that hasn’t had this “inside joke.”

And I call it a joke because it would never happen – and I would hope that even if GIVEN the chance, we would both turn it down. So hence, it was a just a joke.

Lemme ask you this - How many people in the last two weeks have posted pictures of half-naked Michael Phelps and/or have made “inappropriate” comments about him or his pictures?

I used to read the Triscoop threads, and there was this ongoing one about hot male/female triathletes, complete with pictures. Is that offensive?

Taking heat for being “inappropriate” is exactly what I was referring when I said I feel like I have to censor myself. And maybe I being overly defensive, but I honestly thought I was just being goofy.

If you were one of the people that were offended, I don’t know what to tell ya. Use your mouse, and click on another blog.

I almost feel like apologizing for how angry this post sounds, because I know people don't stop by for a dose of daily rage. But I am not going to. Because like I said before, it’s my blog. And this is where I am right now.


I’m O-U-T.

And p.s. I didn’t even get to go to Sonic because I go so caught up in working that I ended up being late for my meeting. No tots for me.

Fucking work - it's ruining everything lately.