Sunday, September 28, 2008

All in My Head

So after a long week of being sick, capped with an AWESOME day of private practice (that left my still-recovering ass crawling into bed at 730pm last night - I even missed Girls Night for fear that my sleepy crabass might bring down the overall festive mood of the other ladies), I was awoken by yet another dying battery in the second fire alarm, chriping itself to my attenion at 430am.

Fingers crossed I don't mistakenly leave the coffee pot on, or this apartment is going DOWN.


I figured - hey, as long as I was up, I made myself some coffee, laid back in bed for while, and then decided - maybe I should go for a run.

Once I got out there, under the overcast skies, I thought, "Hey this doesn't feel as bad as Friday." So I kept going...

Right past the six mile turn around, then the seven, then the eight - and finally, at the ten mile turnaround (meaning, I ran ten miles, now had to make it ten back - yikes) I figured I'd bring it in and head home.

Good choice, 'cause shit started to hurt around 14, and by 18, I was just in that head-down-get-me-the-hell-to-the-car mode.

All told, I did 20 in 3:26. And while I was pretty stiff after, it was nothing that a good tube roll and some ice couldn't cure.

So this brings me to the crossroads I was at last week - Chicago or Indy marathon.

And my decision is....neither.

I am not running Chicago because, well, I am not. It wasn't my race to run this year.

And I am not running Indy because I will be laying on a beach in the Florida Keys that weekend.

I also considered the ultra for the first weekend of November, but the thought of doing anoth ten-mile loop today was - ugh.

So I am going to do the first annual Megan's Made-Up Marathon. It will likely take place the weekend following Florida, and will occur along the lakefront. My sister Devin is going to be the spectator, and I am going to try to rope my mom and Ellen into maybe bring the Mayor down to watch (I may even push him in his runing stollar for part of it!)

The details are sketchy right now, but I should have them worked out by the end of the week.

If you live in or around Chicago and want to do it with me, or run at least part of it - PLEASE DO!!!! I probably won't have any cool bling to give out afterwards and the aid stations will shame even the '07 Chicago marathon,, but you just may finally get that age-group win you've been looking for! There's no stupid high entry fee (okay, there's no fee at all), and I won't even disqualify you if you wear your iPod, like some other races!


Man, I would sooo treat myself to some fatty ice cream now from the ice cream shop now.


I would have to put pants on.

The National Pie Championship is on tv right now.
But delightfully delicious.


The Young Family said...

Sounds like a great race to do!!

Have fun. 20 miler - great job!!


Joe said...

sounds like an awesome race. wish i could come back for it!

MJ said...

I somehow stumbled on your blog and enjoy your writing.

That said, I'm sure we all have an extra medal laying around that we would donate for you to use as finisher's medals for your marathon.

Prin said...

You're awesome. If I was closer, I'd so be your watergirl. Woo!

Danielle in Iowa said...

Aw, see, for me it is all about the t-shirt. I'd have to get a sharpie and write on a white one or something...

RunBubbaRun said...

Hey, you know we call those runs, "FAT ASS" runs, so you might add that to your marathon race name.. If I can meet you out there, I will try to run a few with you along the lakefront.

The Big Cheese said...

The 2008 Chicago Megathon!

Alili said...

Dang even deathly ill you could whip my butt for 20 miles. sigh.

Awesome that you're just going to go out and do it. Make sure you get yourself something shiney for the finish. A little bling never hurt. :)

Borsch said...

Wow...I can't do that, just go out and keep rocking until I force myself to come in at 20. I need more food and water, Gotta plan that day out.

I wish I were closer! I would totally do it!

Kathleen said...

That sounds like a great time :-)

Flatman said...

I would love to do this....too bad you live one bazillion miles away from me. :(


Anonymous said...

What weekend is the Megathon? and then what day of the weekend are you planning on running?

We are in Chicago the weekend of Oct 11th for my nephew's b-day party that day/night. I probably would only join for a portion of it i.e., 6-8 miles, maybe I could pull out 10, but I might hurt myself.

Ok, give me details and I'll see what is going on. Now that IM is over, everyone and their frickin mother thinks they own our schedule. So our weekends are booking up. :(

The (IRON) Clyde said...

I'll be the race pace leader (ie the guy on the bike with "1st place runner" sign on his handle bars....), that might just be an idea.

21stCenturyMom said...

What an excellent plan! Who needs to pay the high registration fee and deal with all those crowds, anyohw? If I lived in Chicago I would definitely do this with you.