Sunday, September 14, 2008

Deep in the Heart of Stupidty

My man is in Texas for the big clean-up, while I am here in Chicago, trying to swim through the flooded streets and make sure his golf clubs stay dry in our storage space. And because I am a sucker for a natural disaster, I have been working in the television and Internet glow of the news network reports of this hurricane business.

And low and behold, I came upon this nugget of news:

GALVESTON, Texas (CNN) -- Paul and Kathi Norton overslept as Hurricane Ike closed in on their coastal Texas home, so they decided to tough it out because their evacuation route was already flooded. "My husband made me wear a life jacket inside our house," Kathi Norton said. "Thank God for that, or I couldn't be here." Early Saturday, about two hours before Ike officially made landfall, high winds and rising flood waters began battering their home. The house began collapsing, and "if the flagpole wouldn't have stopped the house, the house would've crushed us," Kathi Norton said. "It took the floor up, buckled down and took it right off the piling. And we dove out the door and grabbed the staircase, and we floated off," Kathi Norton told KHOU on Sunday after the couple was delivered in a National Guard helicopter to an evacuation point in Texas City."


Correct me if I am wrong (I know you will), but this Ike hurricane has been the one news story that has actually bumped all other election stuff. The entire nation has been focused on this storm, and evacuations have been going on for over a week.

And these two OVERSLEPT?

When exactly did they go to bed?

I am sorry, but I can’t feel bad for shit like this. Call me insensitive, but if you are told to evacuate “or face certain death,” and you decide instead that your safety plan is to slap on a life vest, cross your fingers, and hope for the best, well then…good luck with that.


Anonymous said...

insensitivity runs in the family. did they sleep through katrina too?

Wipaddler said...

Well at least I'm not the only one that thinks these people are stupid. Because of Ike and Rita I've marked Texas off the list of places I'd be willing to relocate, the whole state and I've never been there! Seriously I know your property is important to you but if your stupid enough to stay even though there's nothing you can do to protect it you should be paying for your own rescue like they make the people do when they get lost in the mountains. Stupid Sh!ts

Mommymeepa said...

I agree with you. Even my 10 year old said, "What a bunch of idiots Mom. They need to get out of there." I told my husband the same thing as wipaddler if they don't evacuate they should pay for their rescue. UGH!!

Andra Sue said...

Right there with ya, Meg. I'm fairly certain these people are the same breed as all the ones who see a low water crossing sign during a thunderstorm and drive right on through...only to stall their car and require a helicopter rescue, which will then be prominently featured on the nightly news. Are we supposed to feel sorry for them? WTF? Folks like that just make me lose faith in the intelligence of humanity. :(

After all, you know, 50% of us are below average. Hah.

Tri-Angle said...

I'm with ya too Meg. Dumb Asses. As others have commented, stupid people should pay for their stupidity.
As in AZ....the stupid motorist law. You drive through a barricaded wash crossing when it's flowing, you pay for the rescue.

Prin said...

lol!! I concur.

So messed up.

And on Andra Sue's point, I always wondered how those cars with their lights on ended up in those flood places. I mean, their lights are on! That means they just drove in! It's not like they were parked and the water came in. They were driving!

the fire said...

Insensitive??? How bout being a realist!!! You know what I love about weather like this...much like darkness in a slum (the roaches come out in the dark)...flood waters bring all the stupid people to tv interviews!!! Thank God for stupid people!!! Am I the only one who possibly confused the news networks with the comedy channel!!! woo hoo...stupid people unite ...I love ya'll

Thea said...

I'm even more pissed because my parents are there with Red Cross helping out. Why do my parents have to risk their lives climbing over debree and saving retards who can't figure out what a mandatory evacuation means: there's a big F--- storm heading your way to destroy everything. I wish there was a way to petition for making stupid people pay for their mistakes instead of making everyone else have to. Our country is paying probably in the billions to rescue and provide food, water, and medical resources to these nimwits when they could be helping real people in need.