Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Madison Pics

I have very few action photos of anybody, mostly because I was either too busy jumping up and down and screaming, or just forgot that my camera was in Cheese's pocket. But here's what I managed to gather from the weekend.

What better way to kick it off than with a blogger dinner?!?! We had dinner with Erin (Long and Winding Road) and CoS, Team Brazo, Melissa, and Erin (WiPaddler). xt4 and his beautiful wife and daughter were also there, but they had to high tail it home 'cause baby-sleepy-time crept up quick. Honestly, it was really nice just sitting back, relaxing and shooting the crap with these people. I love walking away from a dinner with a face that hurts from laughing. And the brownie custard sundae I had afterwards was nice too!

Mr. Team Brazo looked AMAZING after completing IM Louisville just one week ago - seriously - read his race report - THAT'S what IM is about. Rumor has it he and xt4 found themselves in the IM Madison sign up line Monday morning.....
IM morning with my pal Mark, along the bike route. He and his brother and friend headed up to cheer on friends, and then Mark (a 2x Madison finisher himself) turned around and signed himself up from some Louisville torture.
We actually spent the earlier part of the morning watching the swim start from Erin's work balcony, and then grabbing some breakfast with her and the BFs. Then it was off to the bike course.

After a long day of spectating and voluntering, we had the pleasure of screaming ourselves silly as Clyde crossed that line. And then he graced us with one of his first post-race pictures!!!
As he went off to change and eat, Cheese and I wathced more finishers in the rain, and took a brief break (which is when I think Jen came in, so we missed her!!!) Here's an Epic over-the-shoulder for Cheese and Clyde. Hey, it really does make you look thinner!

Rain stopped, and we watched the final finishers with Clyde and his lovely wife. Dang, I am starting to look tired in this picture! As it neared midnight, things got really exciting!

Clyde, soaking up his new life as Iron.
The official street cred hat. Often imitated, never duplicated. You see a lot of hats/visors with the M-Dot symbol, but its the "finisher" stitch that count.

The city in the light of midnight.
From this view, you can hardly see the blood, sweat and tears on the streets below the Capital building.
What a day.


RunBubbaRun said...

the IMWI is a great race. I was able to watch clyde run down the finish line, pretty cool. I'm sure you were screaming your head off there..

Looked like a great time out there, you definetly have to race IMWI one of these years.

Alili said...

Fun times in Madison-wish we had been there! Yay for you screaming your head off cheering:)

Erin said...

Great montage. And so great sharing the weekend with you!!! Sorry I wimped out on Sunday night. Would've loved to have made it 'till midnight, but really wasn't feeling well and ended up going home sick from work the next day. Thanks for representn' :)

Prin said...


Mommymeepa said...

AWESOME pics. Thanks for sharing and it was so awesome to meet you and cheese. I can honestly tell say I love you guys. You rock!!