Sunday, September 21, 2008

Running in Circles

Well, my eating habits haven’t exactly rectified themselves (see Sunday dinner: canned tuna + black beans+ bbq sauce= 5 minutes of choking down something that smells like it was left in the toilet by Cheese the last time he was here two weeks ago). Last night it was Lime Tostidos and some canned soup.

Mmmmm, Lime Tostidos…..

But at least today I have an excuse – I believe myself to be getting the flu.

I woke up this morning with another migraine (this time not Turkey Jerky induced), and what felt like a midget in Lucite platforms standing on my chest (this not be confused with the morning I work up with an ACTUAL midget on my chest, but that’s another post entirely). My red scratchy throat was a throwback to college keg-and-pack-a-night hangover.

And of course, I thought it IMPERATIVE to get a run in.

Now, to my credit, it was supposed to be 20 miler. What it ended up being was 12, and I was damn happy with that.

Of course, I have a little room to be playing with my mileage, what with all the “what marathon will I actually be doing?” hubbub going on.

Readers Digest version: I was supposed to do Indy on the 18th, (I didn’t sign up for Chicago this year because Cheese was going to be doing it for the first time, and I was leading Curb Crew) but then Cheese got a vacation to Florida the weekend of Indy, so I canceled Indy, but then Hurricane Ike took that vacation away and it was back to Indy for me – but THEN Cheese ended up not being able to run Chicago on the 12th, and I was going to take his bib (because I LOVE running Chicago and if he was going to try it again next year, that would be two years in a row I couldn’t do it), but then that idea got sidelined as well because his family is still coming to town that weekend.



Guess that wasn’t so abbreviated.

Bottom line - it was either going to be Chicago on the 12th or Indy on the 18th. Now I am not sure. But it looks like Indy again.


But I do HEART Chicago.

I figured as long as I can run a 20-miler at some point in the next week, I should be good-to-go for either of them.

I feel like I have a lot more randomness in me - like the fact that I re-discovered the Bravo network and am now embarressingly addicted to the "Rachel Zoe Project" - but I am going to finish writing my dumb report, making fun of the Emmy’s and go to bed hopefully early.

And speaking of Emmy’s - were you one of the three people that watched it?

A) Compeltely ridiculous and time-waster, but more importantly-

B) When the ladies of Desperate Housewives presented? Holy Botox Batman! Talk about frozen in time – Marcia Cross’s lips barely moved, and Terri Hatcher could have been dead by the looks of her face, but she managed to walk out on stage by herself, so you figure it out.

C) Is Josh Groben's career going that badly that he subjected himself to the showtunes performance? That was one of those moments where you actually squirm in the Lazy Boy and eventually hit the mute button because you feel soooo uncomfortable for him.

D) And lastly, but most repulsively -why did Tom Hanks wear that wig? Gosh. I know there is a joke somewhere there, but right now fever just burned it out of my head.


Andra Sue said...
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Andra Sue said...

OMG (!!!!!!), re: The Rachel Zoe Project...because, well, me too. It's like watching a train wreck. An insipid, strange, quasi-celebrity laden train wreck. And I am loathe to admit I can't stop watching it either. Go figure.

p.s. you know she invented Bus Window sunglasses, right??? Which are the bane of my freaking existence, b/c a normal-sized pair was NOT TO BE FOUND when my old ones wore out. And now I own a pair myself. Sigh.

p.p.s. Mike and I ate an entire batch of chocolate/peanut butter Chex mix this weekend, so don't feel too bad about your nutrition. We also had a lot of wine and stuff with truffles in it, but you know, not *with* the Chex mix.

Anonymous said...

you've hit an all-time low when you become addicted to Bravo's "Million Dollar Listing"...totally ridiculous, but I can't stop watching the train wreck!

Amy said...

oh tuna and tostitos... sometimes I miss those days. Sometimes. Life was easier when it was toast for 3 meals a day. Now it's fancy pants sunday dinners for my man. which I always make to much of - tonight was scallop prosciutto aspargus risotto with leftovers to feed a small army. Toast was so much easier... I miss toast for dinner.

We skipped the emmy's and spent the night beating the hell out of things on Smash Brothers (the wii freakin' rocks)

M said...

Oh Amy - if only I could pronouce what you had for dinner, much less spell it. Toast and tuna are so much less taxing on my fried brain.

Andra - I can't even get started on this train wreck - how about the one with "deb MEssing?" Holy drama - but the best part is how freaking SERIOUS these people get about dresses. DRESSES. And my other favorite? How she alternates between being OVERRUN with wrinkles and then smooth as a babys ass. And then when she's like, "I'm devestated." But there is absolutely NO expression whatsoever on her face - for all I know she could have jsut scored a huge bag of meth and was celebrating.

Prin said...

I don't have tv.

So um.

Yey 12 miles! :D

When you're sick be a sickie, I say. No more running with dwarves (dwarfs?) on your chest.

Alili said...

The only thing I caught was Josh Groban-OMG all time low.

Flatman said...

The emmy's were on last night? Oops.