Thursday, September 4, 2008

IM Madison - Bring it On!

Holy crap - IM Madison is here!

Many, many good thoughts and wishes going out to those of you conquering the distance this weekend, including Clyde and MadisonDuo. Please check out their blogs and give them HUGE HUGE props as they hit the streets this weekend. I get goosebumps sitting here thinking about seeing these guys out there, especially after watching them train these last several months.

In addition to screaming my ass off for these triathletes, I get to hang with some crazy-great bloggers, including Erin, xt4, Mommymeepa, and Wipaddler to name a few (perhaps Mark if he's out there somewhere Sunday?) So excited for this weekend I just might pee myself.

Okay, with that I am off. To make up for the sorry lack of posting this week, I will return Monday with a ton of IM pics to make up for it.



Flatman said...

Have a BLAST on Sunday!!!

Smack Clyde on the ass for me as he goes out on the run! ;)

Fave said...

GO IMmers!
My coach and two other of my training mates will be participating! And another one volunteering as a finishline cathcer so she can sign up for next year! GO everyone GO!

Prin said...

Yey!!! Good luck to everybody!