Thursday, September 18, 2008


On the Menu
Last night, I ate a Powerbar, chocolate fudge brownie ice cream, and some spinach for dinner.

Tonight, I had a package of Turkey Jerky, a diet Sunkist orange soda, and some grapes in the car on the way home from work at 9pm.

Is it any wonder the resulting migraine was so debilitating it took me three tries to parallel park my Hyundai in a spot the size of a school bus?

Diet's not goin' so well.....

And on a seperate and sort of related note, my new Troy video came freakishly close to kicking the turkey sandwich out of my belly during today's workout.

I suppose that constitutes a good workout, yes?

Family Love
Congrats to my sister and her family on the move into the "new" home, a big hug to my other sister who has to make some tough calls recently, lots of love to my man who is swimming through the Houston muck with a smile on his face, and a big "Hi" to my mom who has been working really hard to help Ellie with her move. Like, she be scrubbing floors and stuff. And she be old!

And though I haven't talk to him this week yet, I am sure my little brother is still kicking ass out there in Tennessee, watching the Real World, and livin' the high life.

Have a good weekend.


Kathleen said...

Coach Troy usually has the same effect on me :-)

Anonymous said...

Damn girl, get some good nummies in your tummy. No wonder why you are coming down with a splitting headache. And you couldn't back the ass of your car into a bigger than life spot? I swear to god I should just come down there and be your b***ch! Cook your meals, park your car, wipe your a**, clean your apt, etc.

We have a few Coach Troy's videos - haven't done one since last winter. He is a tough SOB. But the music reminds of soft porn, if only they could change it up a little - maybe some Justin Timberlake, Madonna, I don't even care, but not the elevator/porn music.

When do you leave and come back from vacation?


Danielle in Iowa said...

I saw some spinach on that menu! That totally means it is well-balanced.

momo said...

seriously, meg. you need to come down here for a month and let me feed you. no more coach troy on an empty stomach - you're gonna be sick. then i'll have to play nursemaid and believe me, i am a way better cook than nursemaid.

Mommymeepa said...

Oh my gosh, what you ate made me sick and I think I feel a migraine coming on. Dang girl and too funny about not being able to park the car.

Duane said...

Hey Meg! Just wanted to say hi!

bbieberitz said...

There is nothing wrong with the menu. Hell since IM-Moo I have been living on Ben & Jerry's and Pepsi Maxx. Back on the wagon Monday

Prin said...

Yeah, when Prin's eatin' better than you, you know you gotta fix it. :D