Tuesday, September 9, 2008


What a weekend.

Now that I am officially back online thanks to Comcast and Cheese (of the boyfriend variety, not Swiss), I can actually put up a decent post.

I had the honor of watching and voluntering IM Madison this weekend. Among the thrills? Screaming my little lungs off for my guy IronClyde and my girl Jen from MadisonDuo. I am pretty sure I freaked both of them out with the sounds that came from my throat, but who cares?!?!

They did the effing Ironman!!!!!

And speaking of people doing their THANG out there - while I was volunterring at the State Street aid station, an athlete stopped me mid-scream, asked if I was Megan, and then told me he reads my blog - but then he bounced off before I could get his name or give him one of my Super Screams.

To this guy - who were you?

I would like to know so that I can give you the proper shout-out, 'cause you deserve it!!!!

And I apologize if I looked startled - I was so wrapped up in my water distribution (it was a pretty important job, ya know) that I was so suprised!

P.S. If you ever get the chance to volunteer at IM, DO IT. Wow, does it offer it's whole other perspective of this race.

I will post pictures in the next few hours, once I organize. I figured I would at least get this one up and running.


J-Wim said...

I probably walked right past you a BILLION times Sunday and didn't know it.
We volunteered last year and this year - it is a totally awesome experience!
Mike and I got so caught up in the moment we signed up for WI 09. Now I have a WHOLE year to wonder wtf I was thinking....

Team Brazo said...

It was a pleasure meeting both you and Cheese at dinner -- I very much enjoy your blog, but "you guys" in person was even better.

Mommymeepa said...

Team Brazo is right. You guys are way cooler in person.

Wasn't it just a perfect weekend. It was soooo amazing.

Be sure to check out my blog for pics.

Anonymous said...

OH MY GOD ~ It was sooooo good to see you at the State St aid station. Your energy is so awesome to have on race day. I would pay you to be my personal cheerleader!

Your smile, your screams (and they were loud, but loved it), your little tan legs - that is why I had to reach down and touch them, they looked so smooth and silky. :)

Now that this crazy race is over, we all need to get together to drink some Adult Juice Boxes. Oh, how I miss the poison (alcohol)...soon though, not quite yet, as I am still not all that hungry. One option is you can come up - stay with us - and tailgate for the Ohio St / Badger game on Oct. 4th? I think it is a 7pm game, so we won't start tipping back some beers until 4-5pm-ish. Let me know...it could be FUN!

Thank you so much to you and Cheese for being out there Sunday. It is not easy being a volunteer or spectator, I think it is more difficult than racing. Btw, what is his real name?

:) Lots of hugs!

Captain Cactus said...

Volunteering at IM Canada was tons of fun this year too ... if you ever get a chance to do wetsuit stripping, sign up! A soaking wet good time is to be had!

Prin said...

lol @ Madisonduo touching your legs. :D

Sounds like super fun. :)

bbieberitz said...

It was me, Thanks so much for being out there at the aid station. Wish i could have stayed and chatted with you and cheese, but I kinda had a run thing going on :)