Monday, September 22, 2008

Short and Sweet

Too hard to type and wipe the snot from my nose at the same time.

Makes for a sticky keyboard.

It's 430.


Im going to bed.

Praying to wake up healthy.

Later bitches.


Kathy said...

Hope you get better soon!

Mommymeepa said...

Hey Meg, Hang in there. Proabably a good idea not to snot up your keyboard. They are hard to clean the next day. :-(

Feel better. I'll be praying for a speedy recovery. I know Chicken Soup is not as tasty as all the other crap you eat, but maybe if you add some Mike n Ikes you can get it down and it will help.

Take care,

xt4 said...

Ack, all my favorite people are falling prey to illness or injury! Sending you positive mojo so that your head feels less so full of styrofoam. Get well!

Prin said...

Does this mean you'll be taking time off to recoop? I think the world just fell off axis just by my suggesting it.

Get well soon. :D

Thea said...

take care of yourself and REST! By the way, I just ran my first marathon here in Boulder. I can't wait to run my next one and kick this one's ass. Workin' on a blog...will letcha know. Good luck Meg. I find rolled up tissues (cigar shaped) or tampons work best for the snot depending on the "flow" BF sure thought it was hilarious anyways.

Go Mom Go said...

Heal up.


Alili said...

Hang in there Meg.