Monday, September 15, 2008

I Need To Stop Working From Home

Things that Are Good About Being Home Alone
1.Eating popcorn in bed
2.Sleeping diagonal
3.Riding my trainer whenever I feel like it
4.Drinking as much coffee as I want without anyone making a comment about it
5.Going to bed without the glare of the TV in my face
6.Not having to share the quilt
7.Eating yogurt and ice cream for dinner.
8.Sitting in my favorite recliner for hours on end

Things Not Good About Being Home Alone
1.Being home alone without him.

So as I mentioned the other day, I haven’t really been on the ball about working out lately. And low and behold, it has actually resulted in some poundage. In a recent post, I estimated six pounds. Turns out – it exactly ten, since IM (damn scale).

Now, before I get any sassy comment about being “fucked in the head” or having a bad body image, let me say this: this is not about how I look, necessarily. I think we all know what it feels like to carry an extra ten pounds – we all know how uncomfortable it can be, and how discouraging it is when you have to rely soley on the black elastic yoga pants for weeks on end because nothing else fits. It sucks.

And I feel like shit about it. I feel heavy and soft. While I not necessarily trying to be skinnier, I just want to be in better shape.

So to that end, I have started back on the training program. Three days in, and feeling good. In fact, to mix it up a bit today, I put on one of the Spinnerval DVDs I had from last training season.

Holy Ass Kicking, Troy!

I actually had to stop pedaling halfway through to catch my breath because I was lightheaded and about to pedal myself right out the front window. By the end, I vowed to keep doing the DVD every week until it becomes easy. And then once that happens, I will start the other DVD, and work it until THAT one becomes easy.

Well, at least that’s the plan. I’m comin’ to get ya, skinny jeans!

Yikes! Ike!
Good gosh. Have you seen the footage from Ike? Oh my. Talk about devastation. My least favorite network in the world, CNN, was showing aerial views of different cities, like Bolivar, with literally nothing left of these places but sticks coming out of the ground (houses used to be on the sticks). When they said “certain death,” they meant it. It honestly looks like when that tsunami hit a couple years ago.

Cheese is in the heart of it all. I worry about him – about him being safe, about his stress level, about the chaos he is standing in, about the total devestation he has to make sense of. It sounds like, from the view of the company, this might be their biggest storm ever, bypassing Katrina in terms of widespread destruction.

Hang in there, baby. You're doing good out there.

And Why, You Ask?
I have decided that, for as much as people want to bitch about how biased Fox is, CNN (the Clinton News Network) is officially above and beyond the most biased network I have ever watched.

For example, twice in the last few days, people have stated that both McCain and Obama are guilty of things, but oddly, CNN only posts the sound bites about McCain. Rove made statements about both candidates fighting unfair (I know – pot and the kettle, right?) but the only part of his interview that gets broadcasted or written about is the part where he says McCain has crossed the line.

Similarly, Greenspan made statements about both candidates proposed tax policies, but you have to dig all the way to the bottom of the article to find out that, yes, in fact, he was talking about both, not just McCain. In fact, the title of the article was something to the effect of “Greenspan says McCain tax policies miss the mark.” Four paragraphs later…..”Oh yeah, and by the way, he said Obama’s aren’t great either….”

And don’t EVEN get me started on the eye-bleaching trash known as The View. While Elizabeth Hassl-whateverhernameis is by no means an appropriate political commentator, those bitches make it seem like every conservative is the reincarnation of Evil. They will spend 60 minutes kissing the asses clean of certain politicians and their wives, but can’t even put aside their own biases for 15 minutes to conduct a “fair” interview. Give me a fucking break, Whoopi and Joy.

And before you all jump down my throat, I am simply making a comment on the bias of reporting. If it was skewed in McCain’s favor, I’d call bullshit on that too. But at this point, I think you’d be hard-pressed to find a news report skewed in McCain’s favor.

Seriously – why is it so fucking hard for people/politicians/analysts/commentators to simply stick to the issues? Just list the facts – and have faith that the American people will choose what is best for them. Why are we constantly being fed commentary on what the networks WANT us to believe?

I’d like to believe that most people, by this point, know how they are going to vote. If you don’t, what the heck are you waiting for? The information is out there – the truth (not the CNN version) is a click away, you just need to read it.

Both politicians are simply repeating themselves at this point. I think both parties need to close up shop, go on vacation, and see where the chips fall in November.

Enough already.


The (IRON) Clyde said...

Yo, on the topic of politics, did you see the Sat night Tina Fey/Amy Poeller (Palin/Clinton) skit?

Besides giving me total boner (yes my wife thinks it weird I find both attractive) was pure comedy gold. Check it out.

"I can see Russia from my house"....haha.

The (IRON) Clyde said...

That sounded bad and I don't want to ruin my street cred.... Tina Fey and Amy do it for me, so does Palin, not Clinton, not even REMOTELY, just thought I'd clarify.

Eric said...

I have a friend that I tell I cen "feel" the 5 extra pounds when I run. She thinks it's my imagination.

Kathleen said...

Yay for coach Troy! I love the pain he brings!

Tiger Lily said...

I'm with ya on the pounds and the politics sister!

Anonymous said...

i feel ya. i stepped on the scale today all proud like "ya bitches, bring it." and then it told me that i weighed the same as i did pre baby #2.

the moral of the story...throw the fucking scale away.

rock on w your bad self.

Flatman said...

Clyde has a crush on HILLARY!!! L.O.L.

Tell Cheese I am thinking about him in all the muck down there...

Hmmm...Me thinks I need a *copy* of said Troy workouts. :)

Prin said...

I concur.

I can't even watch clips of the view because that girl sounds like such a stereotypical right-winged ignorant moron.

Not all right-winged people are ignorant, but the ones who are ignorant always seem to be the loudest, turning everybody off any of the concepts without even knowing what they are.

Why can't smart people argue the side less favored in the media? Oh, that's right, it's because most of the guys who own the media are left. Hmm.

There's no such thing as "fact" in politics nor in media... Everything has an agenda behind it and "facts" are altered to suit said agenda.

They try to alter your perception subtly, just like how in the first part, you try to convince us your bad body image is realistic, not just bad body image. :D


Prin said...

Oh, and good luck to Cheese. I hope he stays safe. *crosses fingers*

Anonymous said...

Which Spinnervals are you trying to conquer? They are all massively difficult. Have you tried Mental Toughness?

Tri-Angle said...

Did Whoopie really ask McCain if she was in danger of being a slave again?

I only heard the sound bite, not the before or after.

Holy Shit.....

Erin said...

I agree on the poundage, and on the View.

But as far as the media goes, I offer a little different take: having tried my hand as a reporter and having many friends who are reporters, and having spent my living working with the media, I think what you're seeing is, perhaps, the media's sheer frustration with access to the McCain camp. If he and Palin won't do press conferences or interviews on the stump (it's a month running that he hasn't been available to the traveling press and she's only been made available to ABC for one interview) and the media is forced to report on speeches and talking points, it's going to show up in their reporting .

In defense of a lot of the hard core journalists I know, they take their jobs and integrity very seriously. They don't have an agenda other than getting the story...and if they're made to jump through hoops and wait weeks -- or months -- for any access they're bound to be frustrated, especially if that is a change in how a candidate operated previously. And I'm not just talking the Presidential campaign...there's a slew of more localized examples as well.

I'm not saying that there are not biased reporters or organizations out there, because there are, but it's not as rampant as both sides would have you believe.