Thursday, December 6, 2007

Visit Randoms

I realized that I hadn't really posted much lately about training. I guess I don't really have a ton to say about it except that it's moving along. Pretty much all of my rides have been done inside, and will continue to be, given our recent snow and tonight's onslaught of more white stuff. Runs have been okay, but my left knee hasn't really wanted to cooperate. Thus, I am making some adjustments. The back seems to be holding up - some days there is virtually no pain, other days there is a lot. But I have b-weekly massages and weekly chiro appointments to continue working on this. Not to mention all the back strengthening exercises I have doing.

I will say, however, that I am fairly confident, with each passing days, that IM will happen for me in April. I would say that having to pull out of this race last year with only four weeks to go was the most disappointing thing I have experienced, so I am doing EVERYTHING I can this year to stay healthy and take care of my back. And so far, so good!

Yeah, so not so much exciting stuff there. I also had some leftover pics from Thanksgiving and Cheese's visit, so I thought I would post those. How very lucky for you.

Black Tie Bingo. Please don't judge the messy room behind us. I would say it doesn't usually look like that, does.

Cheese: I have a baby sitting on my lap.
Baby Nolan: Mom? Mom? Seriously. I was just sittin' by myself, banging on my bowl with my wood spatula, all dressed in my felt footies and waiting for bedtime, and BAM! Next thing I know I'm sitting' on a stranger's lap! Why does this keep happening? Can't a baby get some peace and quiet with his kitchen utensils? Or do I have to be "on" all the time?

Cheese: Oh, I think someone needs their diaper changed! Did someone make a stinky?
Baby Nolan: Yeah someone made a stinky - YOU! Why does everyone blame it on the baby? Don't you know that when my mommy changes me and sees there's no doo-doo, they'll know it's you. Please. Be a man, man.

Baby Nolan: Yeah, so, maybe this guy's not so bad. He's good for chillin' and doesn't seem to mind me resting myself against his belly. Yup, yup, we're just two badass dudes just chillin, watching some football. Hey Dad - how 'bout hittin up the kitchen for two milkies?
Mia the Dog: Will someone pay attention to me? Love me? Anyone? Sigh.

Um, yeah. Guess who hates grocery shopping? The day before Thanksgiving?

Turkey Trottin with my sister and Cheese. Brrr. Even looking at those pictures makes me shiver!
So that's all I got. I'll say a small prayer for something interesting to happen in my life, so I can give ya all something to chew on.


Anonymous said...

I can't believe I'm the only comment (so far) but in today's post, you have done two of my favorite things. You have included pictures, LOVE IT make baby Nolan talk.
It's never not funny to make that little bugger talk. Never. Every single time I laugh out loud.

the fire said...

hey is that the stove i see under that blanket or the microwave...

The Clyde said...

....yeah we all know why the bed is "unmade" in that pic.

momo said...

poor mia - someone needs to give that baby girl some love.

you two look so handsome all dressed up like that. well, cheese looks handsome, you look very pretty!

Cindy Jo said...

I hate grocery shopping too!!!! But I love the groceries.