Thursday, December 27, 2007

Life as Usual...

Which means that I avoided some work, visited with my mom, and met my realtor to look at a condo.

Of course, this place isn't going to pan out.

Although there were several signs, such as the hole in the living room wall and pink walls throughout, I think the most notable one was the dead mouse in the closet of the second bedroom.

I know. Right?


I am one crappy, stinky, rodent-infested dump away from dropping this house hunting business.

Oh, and I skipped a swim today. No fear, it will be completed tomorrow, if for no other reason that I can't stand to tape it to the Wall of Shame. Let me explain.

See, when my coach sends me workouts via email, I print them out, cut them up, and paste them to index cards. Each time I finish one, I take the index card and clip it to the stack of completed workouts. You know, gives me a sense of accomplishment and frankly helps keeps my messy self organized. And I can take the swim workout cards to the pool really easily.

So smart, I know.

(Golf claps)

But when I miss a workout, I take the card and tape it to the wall, which coincidentally is right next to the fridge (shame, shame, shame). Right now, there are three cards up there - one 30 minute swim (missed due to my laziness), and 2 15-minute runs (both runs missed due to sore knees). I've been training for about three months now (or 12 weeks) so I guess three isn't so bad, but I will be damned if I have to put another one up there.

So pool it is. Can't wait.


Go Mom Go said...

What a really great idea. I am going to steal it if you don't mind...


Nolan's Mommy said...

Oh stop crying, put on your boots and come over to spend some QT with No No. Plus....I have a box of Mike N Ikes and hot water.

the fire said...

saw some places near the irish heritage center...may be in the budget.....mike and ike's sound good...i just finished half a loaf of pumpkin i have a tummy ache

Prin said...

You can do it! *high five*

The Clyde said...

Well look who's the loser posting comments on a blog at 10:45 at night....

Love the card idea, I may have to steal that.

Nolan's Mommy comment about the hot water made me laugh, I had forgotten about that....good thing you are doing IM Arizona, those water bottles on the bike should be nice and warm.