Wednesday, December 26, 2007

10 Hours...

eight pee stops, four cups of coffee, $150 in gas, and almost six hundred miles later, I opened my front door.


I am back home. In Chicago.

There's not much more to report about the trip (see the previous post) except that I truly ate my face off until I passed out in a food coma at about midnight, but not before my team won a crazy game of Pictionary and I watched Shrek the Third.

When I awoke this morning, I noticed immediately that my knees hadn't quite healed from the beating I dealt them yesterday. I also noticed that my belly stuck out a lot further than I remembered....

I hit the road early 'cause the ride really was 10 hours. As I was making my way through Iowa, I was thinking of all these funny posts I could do, but frankly my friends, I am just really beat. It's about 9:30 PM here right now, but it feels like it's next Saturday. So my funniness is a bit dried up right now, along with my eyes (which are burning), and my body's hydration (a day full of coffee and a lemonade does not a hydrated athlete make).

Me thinks it's time for bed.


Duane said...

Glad you made it safely home!

Prin said...

Yey for safe rides home! :)

Nolan's Mommy said...

I bet some new holiday photos of your favorite nephew will perk you right up. Nat downloaded them to walgreens.

Go Mom Go said...

Merry Christmas, I am getting caught up on my reads.

Glad you made it home safe!