Tuesday, December 11, 2007


A couple years ago, my sister Ellen wrote me a card and told me I was the funniest person she knows.

I took that to heart, because more than anything, I love to make people laugh.

Tonight, I was told I was an inspiration to someone trying to accomplish a major athlete goal of his own.

Of all the words I might use to describe myself, this would not have been one of them.

To the giver of the compliment, I say thank you for this.

And for pushing me to see myself as different from what I have always believed.

And for having the patience to stick with me as this slowly evolves.

1 comment:

Prin said...

You don't see yourself as an inspiration? I don't run, but I still see you as an inspiration. Like I've said before, even on your worst day, you give off such a positive vibe. :)