Saturday, December 15, 2007

Putting it Together


I have a ton of thoughts brewing up in the old noodle, but right now I am not sure where I need to go with them.

Training-wise: I have my first bike-run brick since the injury today (in a few hours). Fingers crossed it goes well.

Personal-wise: This is where I am stuck. It feels like there is a lot going on, but yet I can't put it into words. I tried a couple times tonight, got a few drafts down, but in the end, couldn't pull it together.

I will try this again later, after I get a few hours of riding and running under my belt this morning. Maybe the thoughts will sort themselves out.

Sorry this is so lame.



Prin said...

Not lame. :) Have a good run/bike/brick. lol

The Clyde said...

I know this is hypocritical but update please.