Thursday, December 13, 2007


It was cold (29 degrees).

It was windy (24 miles/hour).

It was pretty long (1:45, about 10.5 miles).

When I finished, it was dark (5:15pm) and the left side of my face (which faced the west and the wind) felt like I has a stroke.

And yes, that meant I was also drooling on myself.

I shivered the whole drive home from the lakefront, even with the heat on skin-melting-High.

But I was also one of only a few runners tackling the path today.

As Danielle said, I definitely felt like a badass.


momo said...

good job, meg! the mental part of a run like that will serve you well at imaz!! woot!

Prin said...

Yey! But that's fricken crazy. Lucky one of us is running. And even luckier is that it's not me. :D

Go Mom Go said...

Great job!

Now go warm up lots!!


Megan said...

Hey all! Thanks for the warm thoughts!!