Monday, December 10, 2007

By the Numbers

3:00 Hours- Time spent on my trainer Sunday morning

1:45 - Time spent by my sister on the treadmill Saturday afternoon

1:10 - Time to be spent by Cheese on treadmill today

1:45 - Time to be spent by me on a treadmill Thursday for my long run

Thank you, Mother Nature, for unleashing such a brilliant series of ice storms that have not only made traveling difficult, but is crippling all of our individual training efforts.

Of course, I blame no one but myself for all the time spent indoors either on the treadmill or trainer. I mean seriously, what idiot lives in the Midwest and thinks a spring Ironman is a good idea? One guess, and the answer rhymes with Began.

Guess I need to update the IPod.


IM Able said...

A Hah! Seems that the side effect of excessive amounts of time spent on indoor exercise machines is a strong sense of sarcasm.

Or perhaps that was a pre-existing condition...


DV said...

hey meg, haven't checked in in a while and - woah! - 3 hours, eh?

super happy to see ya in good health and cranking out the hours - way to go!

momo said...

i think if i had to be on the trainer that long i might kill myself. honestly.

i'm very much a fair weather trainer. i admit it. :-)

Prin said...

LOL @ Began. :D