Sunday, December 30, 2007

Overdue Training Update


But I figure since I started this blog about triathlon, I should at least mention it here and there.

So here ya go.

Today I did my second long ride-run brick. For some reason, I feel like at this time last year, I was doing them way more, and way earlier. But it might just be that my coach is trying as much as he can to protect my back. So I did one two weeks ago, and one today.

Overall, I think it went well. The ride was so-so, not my best, but not my worst. The run was fairly short, just 20 minutes off the bike, so there were no problems there.

I think the two things I am struggling with the most lately are motivation and nutrition.

Let me explain.

Since Christmas, I have has a serious case of motivation loss. It might just be fatigue from the holiday - the traveling, food binging, and socializing - so when I got back to Chicago Wednesday night, I was wiped out, and never quite recovered. Who knows? So this week it's been hard to muscle through the rest of the workouts. I'll have you know, though, that I got them all in, with a little creative rearranging.

The reason I am a bit worried about it is because it is so early in the season yet - I still have 3.5 months. Is this normal?

And then the nutrition - Holiday food binge aside, I have been holding steady when it comes to my food (please ignore the empty Mike n Ike boxes around the computer). Where it is problematic, though, is when I am actually working out. I try to eat, try to get the bars down, drink the Gatorade, but I usually just want to throw up on myself.


I am going to try using GUs for a while, try to see if those might be easier, but even the thought of that makes my stomach flop. Since when did my little steel trap of an organ get so sensitive?

So I know this one was boring, and frankly I have a bunch of funny stories to amuse you with, but I think right now I am going to write some reports, take it easy on my Sunday, and post tomorrow.


The Clyde said...

Try Hammer products....most of the stuff out there is way to sweet for me....I use hammer gels and perpetuem and it seems to work for me, much lower in sugar than other fuel out there.....I occasionally will make PB&J as well and eat that while I'm out there....cut in 1/4's and put in the back of your jersey and you can take it anywhere.

Danielle in Iowa said...

Have you tried Clif Shot bloks? I find them pretty easy to get down and yummy!

Prin said...

How about a break? Like a long break full of movies and junk food?

Oh, wait, wrong kind of support. Sorry. :D

Anonymous said...

swim like a fish