Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Mental Health Day

When we were younger and didn't feel like going to school, my mom would let us stay home. If there was nothing actually wrong with us, she would call it a Mental Health Day. Ya know, cause sometimes your mind just needs a day off.

I just cancelled all my appointments today because I need one of these days. The last few nights I have struggled to sleep, so I am really quite tired. Plus, I have a long workout today, and what better way to get it in than take a day off work? Plus, minus a few random days during the year, I never use my sick days, so why not?

And most importantly, I have just felt kinda down, and need a day to chill. It could be the quietness of my apartment after Cheese's two week visit, or that it will be two weeks before he's back. It could be the significance of this past weekend and time of year, or it could just be that work has been so very busy and the new cases so horrific that I just need a chill day. Maybe it's all these things together.

In any case, I am taking a Mental Health Day.

So before I sign off for today, two more things - To get me out of my funk, I started making a "Grateful List" last night when I couldn't sleep, so prepare yourselves for that within the next day. And second, I wanted to say thanks to everyone for their wonderful comments about Saturday's post. I also had the chance to speak with several friends who were there during my dads' last days, and who remembered on Sunday and took the time to call. That felt really nice and supportive.


Lance Notstrong said...

Mental Health Day......that sound good :-)

stronger said...

Mental Health Day. Is it contagious? I won't say I caught it from you...but I sure could use a few of those days. In fact, I'd share a mental health day with you.

Have a nice workout.

Andy said...

Good on your MH Day Ms. Megan!
Enjoy it!

Go Mom Go said...

I always find that when I have a long workout my "mental health" is much better afterwards. Something about taxing my body physically that really helps the mind.

Not to mention the great nap afterwards :)

Have a great day!

Prin said...


I hope things get easier soon. :)

The Clyde said...

That a girl. I always just called them playing hooky, but "Mental Health Days" sounds much better.

Here's to hoping that Cheese's back hair makes the list of "gratefull things".