Saturday, March 1, 2008

Here Ya Go

Woke up at 7.

On bike by 8.

Rode 4 hours.

Watched Last King Of Scotland (good)

Watched We Own the Night (bad, but Eva Mendez -Goooooood and Smokin Hot!)

Ran 1 hour, 45 minutes.

All told, nutrition finally dialed in.

Home to shower.

Now off to errands.

Minor back pain, no pain elsewhere.

Ironman Arizona?

Bring it.


Duane said...

It will be so great to see you become an Ironman!

Brent Buckner said...


Danielle in Iowa said...


And I don't think I could watch the LKOS on a trainer since covering my eyes would not be easy - that movie made me cringe!

Prin said...

Yey! You keep it up and I'll crawl back under my covers for you, k?

Ooo, when you go, are you going to fly us all down there too to be your cheerleaders? Yey! lol

Scott P. Shaffer said...

Crossing that finish line and hearing "You are an IronMan!" is a moment you will never forget.

The bike ride through the desert can get a little windy, but the run is tame finish the event out.

Have a great race, but most importantly, have fun.

If you see a big Clydesdale guy wearing a Monkee Do uniform give a shout out.

See ya in 6 weeks.

Go Mom Go said...


I am so glad to hear you had a great weekend! Way to go!


Lance Notstrong said...

4 hour ride? Awesome!!!

Prin said...

I still chuckle to myself when I see my name in the "tri-version" of your blogroll. Gives me something to live up to.

Ok, so I haven't gone swimming in about nine years, but still!

Alright, fine, so I haven't biked since I was sixteen, but still!

I do run sometimes. You know, like if there's a spider or something, I'm sooo running away from it. Or sometimes if I'm late for something, I'll pick it up to a slow jog. Sure, walkers can still pass me easily, but speed doesn't matter.

Anyway, like I said, it gives me something to live up to. :D I have to earn my tri spot... Maybe. *takes another bite of cimminom bun*

DV said...

wow! great numbers!