Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Call for Help

While we start to tally votes on the "Name that Ironman" contest, I am posting another call for help, but this time regarding knee pain. Anyone familiar?

See, I have already had two scopes, one on each knee, and am now having significant pain under the knee cap of the knee that was most recently scoped (a procedure that, after which, the doctor said, "You will never have any more problems." Yeah, I should have gotten that in writing. Grrr.) Anyhoo, any suggestions or tips on what you all do when you knee starts to reject your best running efforts, when it retaliates the constant pounding with a stabbing pain that reduces you to a slow, limping walk back to the car? I should mention that I already take daily doses of "Move Free," which is that glucosamine stuff, and Alieve after each run.

The board is open. Lemme have it.

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