Friday, December 29, 2006

Just Another Day

I finally talked with my triathlon coach this morning. He and his wife just had a baby so it takes him a while to catch up on the recent happening (read: knee problems) and he recommended this chiropractor to check out that can help me with any misalignment in my mechanics. My coach also put up pictures of me and Larry on his new website so check it out - Larry is the guy on the bike on the home page, and I can be found on the "links" page in the mass swim start, flexing my HUGE muscles- the link is on my sidebar). I am also going to see my foot doctor for some orthotics. Apparently, it is "stupid" not to have been wearing them. Who knew? Well, everybody but me, but oh well, better late than never.

My swim this morning was smelly-smelly-poo-poo. I don't know why I assume that, just because I do one drill workout, I should just be able to cut through the water like Michael Phelps. That's not how running or even cycling works, but yet I assume that swimming should just be that easy and when its not I get so very frustrated. To my credit, I have stopped throwing my goggles on the deck or standing on the edge of the pool crying when I can't get it right. Yes, I did that as a grown adult, and no, I am not very proud of it. But I can own it, embrace it, and never, ever go back to it.

I have to go take care of some business now, but I will try to get a post in later. The swim has my mind all wibble-wobbly right now and its all I can do to stay out of the kitchen. But get this: I have been up now for five hours, and have eaten not a single cookie. Okay, so I rewarded my swim with a box of Red Hot Dollars (gummy deliciousness to the fullest!) but they are fat-free and that counts for something, right?

Oh, I had a dream I married Prince William last night. WHAT? I don't even find him attractive. What is that about?

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