Thursday, December 28, 2006

This I Know For Sure

1. If you leave a dog shut in the bedroom for too long when the plumber is here, the dog does its own version of plumbing his pipes on your bed. Pee-yoo.

2. Eating out for two meals in a row - not so nice on the belly at the end of night (speaking which, please excuse me for a moment...)

3. McGoo Law says that as soon as you register for a $500 dollar race, pay for a coach, purchase new running shoes, and finally buy your plane tickets (to fly during spring break, no less), that little twitch underneath your kneecap will turn into a full-blown medical emergency that will eventually negate all the money just spent on said endeavor. Grrr.

4. McGoo Law also states that, given a full day off to actually work from home, 18 different errands (including one that has you driving all the way back downtown to your office) seem suddenly life-and-death, so said work is never completed.

That is all.

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