Monday, December 25, 2006

Whose the Turkey?

I figured that I would post before I had an unfortunate accident involving poor man's cookies, macadamia nut cheese bars, carmel-centered cookies, and french toast. It took a while, but I managed to hobble over to the computer, sadly weighed down with trans and saturated fats. Good thing I had an apple yesterday to help balance out the binge. Also, I did a three-and-a-half hour brick yesterday so I figure that counts for something.

So it is Christmas today. For many of you, there is food to be eaten, family to see, and presents to open. If so, your day was not too unlike mine. This year was odd, in many ways. See, with my dad being dead, all of us being older, the last few years of family conflict and new in-laws to manage, our traditions have been shaken up a bit, so this year, we decided that we would start laying down the new groundwork for the holidays. So last night, it was mass and dinner at Wildfire with my sis's and their significant others, this morning it was brunch with my mom and brother at Dynamite D's house. Tonight it will likely be a movie. The weirdest part is my little brother not coming home from school in TN, but again, I have to accept that he is older, has a girlfriend and things just change. Different from the past, but hopefully solid for the future.

Despite all the changes, though, my family seems to be managing it well. Next year we will have a new little addition to the clan to completely dote over and spoil rotten. D and her fiance will be married, and me...well...I'll be an Ironman, and right now, that is good enough. Happy holidays, all, and thanks for keeping on.

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