Wednesday, December 13, 2006

It's All In My Head

So after I miraculously passed my second practice exam (see previous post) I decided to do my long run on the lakefront. No snow, moderate wind and temps, no brainer. But I admit, when running alone, even if it's outside, I have taken to using the iPod. I used to only reserve it for the gym (watching the CNN scroll scroll can get slightly boring after a while) and laughed silently while mocking those runners who needed it outside. (Ha! Sissies!)

But I have since fallen prey to the wonders of the iPod outdoors. So light! So diverse! So imagine my horror when I showed up at the lake, tights and all, and the iPod froze as soon as I selected the playlist. I mean, it pulled up the first song and all, and just froze, as if taunting me ("Yeah, we got your song - See it? Right here, nana, nana!) After deciding not to throw it in the lake, I wishfully put it on and ran with it, unplaying, for the first two miles, then retired it to my pocket. For over eight miles, I had to sing to myself, sometimes out loud, sometimes silently. Ever do that? Three years ago, I spent a whole winter training for the New Orleans marathon on the lakefront singing "Cry" by Faith Hill over and over. A WHOLE WINTER. Guess who was going through some dating turbulence then? Ah, the good old days.

In any case, I finally rationalized the event by telling myself that they don't allow iPods in the race, so I better get used to it now. Nothing but me and my thoughts for over 140 miles. Awesome. This IM is proving itself to be one big head game.

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