Thursday, December 14, 2006

Confession Thursday

1. I ran out of time today and couldn't do my swim (okay, I guess I could have squeezed it in but chose to watch The Office instead).

2. I wish I worked in The Office.

3. I took a nap in my own office while waiting for a client. Zzzzzzz.

4. My boss called me because he heard I was interviewing for another job. Busted.

5. I overfed the dogs too many doggie treats today, and then let them run up and down the hallway catching a tennis ball (against the rules, so says my sister - killjoy).

6. I loudly cheer when TJ steals the tennis ball from Chili (cause TJ is really my dog and Chili is Devin's), and I think it makes Chili kinda mad.

7. I have a swim lesson in the morning and I really want to ditch it to eat omelettes and drink coffee all morning instead.

8. I ate a box of Dots and a tootsie roll for lunch.

9. All day I felt like crying, but am not sure why.

10. I have no Christmas "spirit" this year, and I am secretly concerned. And don't even ask me about Christmas shopping...

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