Friday, December 29, 2006

A Little Tri-Angel on a Cervelo Just Got It's Wings

Since I have lived with my sister, the only mail I get is the "Have You Seen Me?" inserts or the Valu-pak of coupons. Awesome. So imagine my surprise when my sister brought in the mail and handed me what would turn out to be....a credit card.

"Whoo-hoo," I bet most of you are sarcastically thinking, but yay for me!!!! A couple weeks back, before my brilliant job offer that will pull me from the depths of poverty, I applied for a card as Ironman safety net. See, I didn't want to get stuck at Ironman time with no actual money to pay for plane tickets, rental car, food, shipping, etc. Yeah, so I applied for fake money. But before Oprah comes a'knockin with her "Debt Diet Part 600," I should admit that I currently, and have always owned only one card. Moreover, said card has only always had a 500 dollar limit. And more-moreover, I have no credit card debt to my name, and have never done anything like this before. Even in my darkest moments of "how do I buy groceries this month?" despair, I never resorted to a credit card.

That said, I was not going to get stuck in AZ without the benjis. Right? And, as advised by Larry, I was leaving with my finisher medal AND a lot of clothing loot to commemorate the event. Gotta have dollars for that, right?

So this is all basically my way of justifying the evil of our society - useless spending and overwhelming debt. But I promised my sister (after doing my thank-you dance) that I would put the card away for that one-and-only event. And so in the drawer it goes. Goodbye, shiny new card with my name and the prefix "Dr." in front. You had me at "credit limit," but alas, we must part 'til the sunny days of spring, when you will reemerge, full of life like a new butterfly and ready for action.

Unless, of course, my long-coveted bike goes on sale...

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