Tuesday, December 26, 2006

The Cleansing

A couple more hours and the 24-hour cookie detox will be completed. My plan to rid my "temple" of those horrid processed sugars and fats almost went awry this morning when I was seduced by six Red Vines and the jar of poor man's cookies (the way they compliment a cup of coffee is a sin), but I was able to pull it together with the help of:

1. Being out of the house most of the day
2. A double dose of swimming - yes, as in I went to the pool TWICE today
3. A 45-minute trainer spin
4. Three liters of water, the hot variety (I know, its freakish, but it really goes down smoother)
5. A sushi dinner, because nothing says cleansing like some plain white rice and pure protein.

Glorious. I feel a lot better. I feel empowered, like I can actually make it through these holidays without gorging for days on end. Moderation is a term I rarely use (is there anything MODERATE about the Ironman?) and if you have read my blog for while, you know that I have major food issues, as in I can't stop eating. So I figure that a cookie binge every once and while is not super awful, and certainly nothing a long training day can't rectify. So for right now, I am now at peace with the cookies. One day at a time.

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