Monday, December 4, 2006

My Version of Monday Morning Quarterbacking

Now, before I make the following observiation, please understand that I am not some raving lunatic feminist (the bad kind - bra burning and what have you) that is hypervigilant about politically incorrect slights to my gender. But I do believe in equality and all that good stuff (like, how we can vote now and all? That's cool, but less pay than a man? not as cool). So I was wondering why Norm Stadler alone graces the cover of the new Triathlete, even though Michelle Jones also won Kona AND why the first two full page spreads were for him while her first congrats ad doesn't come until page 25? Now, that ad thing is probably a money thing, I gather, being a magazine and all, but the cover? I also thought, well, maybe its because Michelle was on the one last month, or maybe because he set a bike record, but seriously. Give a lady props where she deserves it. Girlfriend's brand new to the distance (realtively speaking) and has laid down some serious finishes. Plus, she likes to wear pink. Ride on, rider.

Also, if you read the article about the Kona "conflict," Stadler accuses Chris McCormick of cheating by drafting. To him I say: Yo, you won. Why you gotta call out old boy for something that has absolutely no bearing on your finish and is, most likely, not even true? Plus, as Larry pointed out last night, Baby cried last year in Kona (okay, granted the double flat and bee stings sucked especially after all that training, and to be fair, I cried when I FINISHED my first 1/2 IM, but he has a bizillion sponsorships and anyway, isn't that the thing about triathlon? Too many variables to ever know what will happen?) Anyway, I 'm off him. Onto someone with class. Yay, he won, great. Where's Peter Reid when you need him?

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