Friday, December 1, 2006

Let it Snow

Yup, so it did. We didn't get hit as bad as everyone said we would (do we ever) but it was enough to dash any hope of getting on the roads this weekend for a ride. Or really for the whole next week, because the weather is supposed to be in the low 20s. Awesome. But this is a great time to launch my newest edition to the site, "Megan's Movie Madness," an ongoing review of great movies to occupy you as you pedal away in the confines of your own home. Sure, Spinervals is cool for the shorter stuff, but when you have to be glued to the set for longer than 90 minutes, that's when you gotta pull the real guns out, you know what I mean? So look for it starting Sunday in the link section. I know-exciting, exciting stuff happening over here.

On a happier note, I met my new coach yesterday and am very excited. This was definately a good idea, although he did seem to question why I would want to do IMAZ living in Chicago and all. He's a big swimming coach-dude and oddly enough didn't find it at all weird that I am afraid of water. Yes, as in the lap pool. Yes, I know I can't drown (really) but, never say never. And don't even try to get me near open water unless my enterance in it is immediately followed by a cannon or starting horn. Waste.Of.Time.

Tonight I have the worst heartburn. Ever. It feels like a hole is being drilled right through me. Any recommendations on quick fixes? Augghhh. No more Jolly Ranchers and Red Vines for dessert...Maybe my new coach can teach me to eat better (burp)...

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