Thursday, December 21, 2006

If the Shoe Fits

I am back, people. BACK! Hear that, darn licensing test! Be gone with you and your pages of useless material, knack for blowing away my confidence, and taking away too many hours of my life that I will NEVER get back. I hope I never effing see the likes of you again in this town.

That said, I am back (golf claps). But alas, in true procrastinating form, I will need to put off my REAL posting for just a few more hours while I climb atop of the trainer for a 45 minutes trek through some Tivo'd shows (listen to me - like my life is SOOOO overburdened with no time and tons of responsibility- for crying out loud, I put in a four hour day today and I act like I created world peace - Exhausting my life is ;) But really, can I pose a quick question? What do people usually do if they go on a long run one day, have moderate quad soreness the next day, but still need to get the ride in? Do you suck it up and pedal away, or just lay on the couch in a chocolate-covered pretzels/Chex mix/cheese popcorn haze (damn these holidays!), hoping that someone will come home soon to fill your water bottle and handi-wipe your cheesy fingers so you don't have to actually get up?


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