Monday, June 2, 2008

Bouncing Around In My Head

1. I was called “peach” today. In my opinion, that term doesn’t get used nearly enough. How sweet!

2. The upstanding gentleman that lives across the street from my sister got arrested for dog fighting. Apparently, busting him on his "open air" crack dealing operation was too difficult, so the cops somehow managed to get him on dog fighting. But here’s my point – why do people dog fight? I mean, I really don’t understand it. It seems to me that those who do rank right up there with psychopaths. And that is my clinical opinion.

3. Have I told you how nice it is to walk outside in the morning in a tank top and skirt, and not freeze my ass off? Each morning, I am almost startled at how warm it is when I walk out the front door, and how hot the car is when I get into it.

4. Three more perks about the spring? How it smells, sleeping with the windows open, and crazy low gas bills.

5. The downside? Working on the nice days. Right now, there’s nothing harder than saying “no” when a friend calls wanting to waste a Sunday sitting outside, drinking ice tea, and shooting the shit. But as soon as I win that lottery…..

6. It’s vacation time!!!! This year, with all my family has going on in their respective lives, we decided not to get a lake house for the week of July 4th. However, it just paved the way for a mid-August long weekend vacation!! Right now, destination is still under wraps, but trust me, I’ll let you know. That, and I may take a friend up on the offer to travel out-of-state for the 4th – those details are also still being worked out.

7. WEEEEEE!!!!


Prin said...

Yey!! x7 :D

It's still not warm enough for a tank top in the morning here. I'm ok with that.

(said the powdery whitish-blue-skinned girl who gets heatstroke in 4 minutes...)

Danielle in Iowa said...

I love open window season! At least until it gets unbearably hot...

Danni said...

Long weekend plans.... AHHH Those were the days.

Andra Sue said...

I must admit, your post makes me a little jealous that our lovely Spring turned to scorching summer a month or so early. :(

That being said...there's nothing better than open windows, tanktops, Georgia peaches and vacation! Woo hoo!

Molly said...

We are in the 90s already...watering plants everyday and sweating in my tank and skirt...I long for the evenings now. Sitting outside as it cools to the low 70s and reading a book.
Take Care!

Alili said...

Long weekends...those are my favorite. I could use one of those.

Enjoy the sunshine!