Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Difference a Day Makes

How funny that two days ago I posted about wanting to do another Ironman.

Why funny?

Because today I near killed myself trying to get through a 3hr ride/30 minue run brick.

By the time I got home, I was pretty intent on dropping out of Racine.

I feel somewhat defeated right now.

Like, I knew I was a bit undertrained, but today was reality's punch in the face.

Here is where I think I went wrong:

1. All rides post-Arizona have been on the trainer, and without any real intensity. I mean, I get on and pedal, but I do no speed or hill work. On the road, I felt like I was pulling through mud.

2. I rode with an old friend, Larry - you may remember him - old BF who I tried to stay friends with for about a year, then finally decided to part ways last summer? Hence, it's been a while since we have really talked, much less rode together. One thing that hasn't changed is his fitness (3x Ironman finisher), so I spent most of my ride trying to keep up with him without looking winded or slowing down (meanwhile, I think he slowed down so that I could keep up with him, but he would never admit to that - he just told me how good I was riding). Point? By the time I hit the run, I was DONE.

3. My bike is BEGGING for a tune up. The chain and cassette need cleaning, the gears are all effed up...but that's more of a side note as opposed to a reason for the grotesquness of my Sheridan Road expreince.

4. Umm...well...I think I might be out of excuses.

So, in summary - my training's been lazy, and I blew my wad on the ride.

While I can correct the second part, lazy training will ultimately do me in.


I likely won't drop the race (mostly because so many people are doing it and I REALLY want to meet everyone!), but I am slightly more worried about it.

However, like any downer, there must be an upper, and my upper for the day is this:

I am proud to say that I have been candy, cake and ice cream free for four days now. Never you mind the minor blip on Thursday when I discovered three bins of my mom's homemade cookies at Devin's house - I may or may not have taste-tested one (four) of them. But that's been my only slip, and I managed to go over there yesterday and didn't even make eye contact with the damn cookies.



Somehow that is not making me feel any better right now......


Prin said...

Ah, sexy. Maybe if you weren't so hard on yourself mentally, you'd have more energy to spend physically. Remember the days when you were all pumped after a workout? And remember that wall you got rid of because it was too negative and was bringing you down?

The only brick I did today was the cheese kind... on my greasy pizza. That I ate after two chocolate bars. See? You're not half bad.

The Clyde said...

You better not drop, my Mom has already cleared out Dodge county of their pasta supply, I told her how much you eat so she's prepared.

Can a girl blow their wad? I'm confused.

Cindy Jo said...

You'll be fine! It doesn't have to be your life-best race performance. Just get out there and enjoy the fact that you can do it! I mean, how recently was your operation?!?

You did an IM a few months ago - you have more fitness than you think.

I could NEVER, EVER not eat homemade cookies. NEVER!!!

And yes - the Sox won the series (this week). Party at your house if both teams play in the world series!

Alili said...

No dropping out--I'll be there! You did a monster brick workout this weekend, be proud:)

Andra Sue said...

Okay, if it makes you feel any better (and I'm sure it won't)...I had the singularly worst run of the season on Saturday--I will blog about it, just wait. That was followed by getting rained out of my brick and not even doing ANY workouts on Sunday. I am in SO much trouble for Vineman. :(

Oh, and there's Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream in my freezer. I plead innocence on how it got there.

Brent Buckner said...

Maybe do the event without a time goal....

Lots of time to train up for a future IM!

Benson said...

Home made cookies are the gold standard of training food. do not forget that.
do the event and enjoy it for the sake of it.

Jen in Budapest said...

Well, it happens. Yesterday my swim kicked my tail and I started to get nervous about my upcoming sprint tri. I'm not all stellar like you with the Ironman thing but even on this minor level, I can relate to the difference a day makes.

Anonymous said...

4 sweets... sigh. It's been 11 minutes for me!

Anonymous said...

You know I never add people to my blog roll, EVER! But I was wondering if I could add you. Is that ok? This is a good read.