Thursday, June 19, 2008

HUGE Weekend


Lots of stuff happening.

First and foremost, just want to give my sister yet another shout-out for her race this weekend. I have nothing but confidence that she will meet her goal - I am just sorry I won't be there for it.

Second, MAJOR MAJOR positive thoughts to all those doing IM CDA this weekend - incuding Mom, Tri-Dogma, and Tea. I know there are a ton of other people out there, and I really apologize for missing you, but I will definately spend some time in the next day catching up on blogs and then following people on the computer. Still fresh off my own and first IM, I got chills just thinking about how everyone is preparing in these last few days.

I am not really one for super inspirational words, but for all those doing IM this weekend - take it in - ALL OF IT - love every second, and bask in the day - no matter how cold the swim, how hard the ride, or how miserable the run. You earned your place out there, and come Monday, it's back to real life.


And to Prin, who is celebrating a birthday this weekend - enjoy your secret plans!

As for me, I am outta here for a couple days - using up the last of my vacation days before my contract year ends July 1st. Of course, I can't go anywhere without my computer, so I will still be checking in, catching up on some VERY overdue emails (sorry!) and taking a break from the craziness of life.

To all those not qualifying for Boston, or doing and IM, or having a birthday - Have an AWESOME AWESOME weekend, enjoy the weather and the first day of summer!!


IM Able said...

Yeah! The weekend, The weekend, The weekend!!!





...wait a friggin' second. I'm not going on vacation. I'm painting trim in my bathroom.

You suck.

The Clyde said...

So didn't say where you were going, way to leave us hanging.

Danni said...

Have fun on Vacation!!!!
Good luck to your sister Devin as well!!!

Doug said...

Do you have your next job lined up already? You don't seem nervous about the current project ending.

Prin said...

Aw. Thanks. :)

Have fun too, you. :)