Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Bags are packed (mostly), reports are finished and sent off.

I am getting ready to blow out of here for my first relay!!!

I am a mix of excitement and nervousness - mostly because I haven't been feeling super fit lately and I am about to spend three days with people I have never met before.

If this isn't a confrontation of fear, I don't know what is.

One of the team members contacted me last night to introduce himself and see how I was feeling about it all, which I thought was nice - takes a little pressure off the first meeting of everyone today.

So now it's just a couple last errands and I head up to Madison.

I am not bringing my computer so it's highly unlikely I will post or check blogs until I get back Sunday (well - I get back Saturday but go straight to my sister's birthday dinner from the race, and then to a late night Rib Fest bbq at a friend's house).

Have a good weekend!!


Prin said...

You too!!

And if you get tired, you can just give up, you know? Nobody will call you a quitter if you quit.

Ok, so they might call you a quitter and you'll probably hate yourself, but still...

(reverse motivation)

Kickass McCue!! WOO!

Danielle in Iowa said...

I can't wait to get on the road and stop the worrying phase and get into the fun phase! See you soon!

Alili said...

Eeek! HAve a great time!!

The Clyde said...

Have fun Megan, hope the weather is OK if that bad boy starts today, suppose to be pretty hot and stormy.

Push on, Warrior.

The Young Family said...

Best wishes to you!!


I would say take it easy - but I am not sure if you would know what that means!

Anonymous said...

Enjoy the experience this weekend!

btw; it sounds like you are getting back to normal - so glad to hear it and I'm very happy for you!!! It sucks being down!

Jen in Budapest said...

hope it goes well.