Monday, June 16, 2008

If at First You Don't Drown, Try, Try Again

And so goes another round of pool fun.

Not much else to report except that I am going to increase my yardage tomorrow. I have pretty much hung around the 1500 yard range since returning to the pool last week, which, in writing, seems so, well, low.

But it's all about rebuilding, yeah?


In other Megan news, I ate two ice cream sandwichs for breakfast, one for lunch, and then a balenced meal for dinner.

It's like my own little Weight Watchers program.

Except without the "watching."

Or, uh, the weight loss.

Dang my life is boring today.

Tune in tomorrow - maybe a Leprechaun will show up and work his wiley magic on me.

Now THAT would be a good story, right?


Back to report writing.


Prin said...

Teeheehee. I liked this post anyway. Full o' Megtastic sarcasm. (That's the best kind.)

Go Mom Go said...

It would be great if you do the Indy Marathon...

NOTHING like the Chicago is really small and most of the runners are doing only the half so the marathon will be kind of lonely. It would be great if you came down and did it though! More then great, it would be awesome! I know the race director - he was my swim team coach as a kid. Really good guy.

Joe said...

if i had ice cream sandwiches, i'd eat them for every meal too. i guess that's why i don't often have ice cream sandwiches around.

Kathleen said...

That sounds like MY kind of diet! :-)