Friday, June 13, 2008

Three Tragedies and Some Idiots

#1. Tim Russert, dead at 58. What a shame. For months, I would mount my bike at 9am on Sunday, turn on Meet the Press, and watch the man work. I don’t claim to know a lot about politics, but I could appreciate the man’s intelligence. And he reminds me of someone who would have been a friend of my dad’s – just a really home grown, friendly kind of guy. It’s really too bad.

#2. R. Kelly, Not Guilty on all 14 counts. What a fucking sin. This mother fucker is as guilty as the day is long. Lemme tell you this – R. Kelly is from Chicago, where it is WIDELY known that Mr. Kelly has a – how do I say this? – thing for young girls. The girl on the tape is only one of a long list of other victims, and now this asshead gets to walk free knowing he had sex with strings of underage girls AND GETS AWAY WITH IT. God, it must be nice to be able to pay off so many people. This makes me sick to my stomach.

#3. Midwest weather. Oh my gosh, half of Wisconsin and Iowa are underwater. And the rain keeps coming. Plus all the tornadoes and high winds – is it me or has the weather been really bad this year? Weird, though, I don’t recall seeing any fund raising telethons a-la-Katrina, to help out. Maybe I’ve been watching the wrong tv stations.

Idiots: And speaking of things seen on tv, why do people try to drive their cars through five feet of water? Seriously, if I have to watch any more tv coverage of people trying to climb out the windows of their submerged cars, I will go running for the hills. Note to idiots – if your neighbors are floating by on dislodged roof tops and the police are patrolling in row boats, chances are your 1989 Ford Tempo is not going to make it.

Just a thought.


Danielle in Iowa said...

All the weather alerts say "Turn around, don't drown!" which is pretty morbid I think, but gets the point across :-)

And I can't believe Tim Russert is dead either!

The Clyde said...

You must have been reading my mind....I agree on all accounts. Kelley getting off is a total farce....

(I'm especially agreeing with the weather, I'm trying to train for an Ironman here and all this wind and humidity is really starting to get on my nerves, especially on the bike)

Prin said...

chances are your 1989 Ford Tempo is not going to make it.
But I done thot it were a floatin' mobeel.

No comment on the rest. Ok, fine, I'll comment:
1. Don't know him, but RIP.
2. Here's hoping for a little (a lot?) of social justice...
3. Where's Oprah when you need her?