Saturday, June 7, 2008

What Words?

I just got home from the craziest weekend. I seriously have no words to accurately describe the shear fatigue, sunburn, layers of dirt and grime, and overhwleming sense of satisfaction and accomplishment.

I can't post the whole thing right now, but let me summarize by saying that my final leg of the relay was comprable to marathon of the Ironman. I am sure there were many factors that heightended the level of difficulty during that last 65 mintues of activity, but honest to goodness, I was just as spent crossing that line today as I was seven weeks ago in AZ.

And much, MUCH dirtier.

I will post the full thing in the next 24 hours, including the craziest end to the whole thing, and hopefully with pictures!


IM Able said...

woot woot!

Joe said...

it was so much fun to run with you. we gotta do it again soon. :)