Friday, June 27, 2008

Lofty Goals

Yeah, so like any high-glam city girl rockin’ her Friday night, I’m sitting here in my bed listening to politically conservative podcasts and cruising blogs.

And what am I discovering?

Well, besides the pro v. con argument of open borders?

Yup – I am discovering that I WANT TO DO ANOTHER IRONMAN.

I think I have seen every single picture taken of the recent CdA IM, and I am overwhelmed with the desire to abuse my body yet again.

And soon.

And this is all pretty silly, especially since I am struggling right now to just complete my ½ Iron training for my upcoming race.

But there’s been this nagging voice in the back of my head, telling me, “You can do it, and you can do it BETTER.”

But man, I so loved my IM experience.

I want to have the structure of training for such a huge goal.

I want to feel that anticipation of the race getting closer.

I want to feel the exhaustion of a stupid long 7-hour brick, and still have dinner with my sister afterwards.

I want to see my family all together again.

I want to pull my goggles over my eyes and know that I CAN swim over 2 miles while simultaneously getting punched in the face.

I want to feel the sun on my shoulders over the 112 miles bike.

I want to feel the burn of my quads off the bike.

I want to see the 26.2 miles ahead of me, and think, “Phew! Almost over!”

I want to finish while it’s still light outside…which means a sub-14 hour.

I want to cross that line properly – by taking in every screaming spectators, slowing it down, and not flying in like I did the first time.

I want to actually hear my name called this time.

I want 140.6 miles to figure out where I am going to put my tattoo.

I want to win the lottery so I can fund this desire.

But I want to be there. Again.

Madison 09?

Good lord I need help.


MissAllycat said...

Hi there, fellow high-glam city girl. I'm also rockin' my Friday night cruising blogs. :)

I think you're crazy.

On that note, DO IT. Because I want to be inspired to and Ironman and I think you're just the girl to inspire me.

So yeah, that's my 2 cents. And speaking of cents, why is there a dollar $ign on the keyboard but no cent? I want my slashed c, dammit!!

J-Wim said...

I guess I'm crazy too. I plan to sign up for IMWI09 too..... maybe we'll see ya there!

IM Able said...

You're killing me.

Killing me!

Madison in 09? Florida in 09? AZ in '10?

What to eat on the buffet...what. to. eat.

Duane said...

You're a sick, sick girl! WI 09! Go for it!

Dave said...

First time leaving a comment here after reading for a long time. Anyway, this post really speaks to me. I am totally obsessed with the idea of doing an IM. I'm currently training for the Steelhead Half IM but, mentally, I've already moved on to the finish line at Kona. I've never done 70.3 so 140.6 seems impossible but I'm able to get myself through long workouts by imagining myself crossing that line in Hawaii. It's totally insane for me to even dream this big as three years ago I couldn't even run 2 minutes but here I am. It's strange, half of me wants this so badly but the other half knows that it's a joke. Sorry for the ramblings but I needed to get this off my chest somewhere. I want to be an Ironman so badly but I don't know if I can do it. This body (6'4", 260) wasn't designed for that kind of exertion but this mind of mine wants it so badly. What do you think, are there just some people that can't do it or is mind over matter something that can conquer all?

Anonymous said...

I sooooo know what that's about....

What is this Ironman obsession anyway???

Sprint Tri - it's over too quick (plus, I'm not into "sprinting")

Half Iron - getting there, but still not quite

Ironman - crazy long, majorly expensive, insane training - GOD I LUV IT!!!!!!!!!

Go Mom Go said...

I know, I know...

I wish I could sign up too. I can't do one in 09 though -- which is killing me! I have "clearance" to do one in 2010 when my youngest is in kindergarten. So, it has to be a November race...I don't think I want to swimm in the ocean. So that leaves AZ.

Oh, I so wish I could do one now...I just got the confirmation of my withdrawl from Lou. Which SUCKS!

Anonymous said...

Oh geesh, here we go again.

Im eating cake and coffee for breakfast and thinking of you. Id invite you over but the cake isnt going to help your ass and we already know that its big enough. -ellie

Cindy Jo said...

Do it Megan - than I can come and drunk spectate for you! Yay!!!

BTW - that game was just a blip on the Cubs radar screen. You know, kinda like the occasional crappy workout in an otherwise AWESOME SEASON!

Prin said...

You know, after a few, the family will stop thinking it's an exciting thing...


Do one closest to me so I can go watch. :) Preferably on a cloudy day too so I don't get sunstroke so bad as I sit on the sidelines eating donuts.


Tea said...


Alili said...

I'll come cheer you on!!! I'm trying to fight the urge for '09, so I'll settle for Sherpa status:)

Molly said...

go for it!!!!
take care!