Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Still Alive, Still on Vacation, and Still Random

How have I been spending my vacation in hot ass Oklahoma?

Sleeping in, eating obscene amounts of candy and ice cream (or, as I like to refer to it - "breakfast"), going to the movies and eating obscene amounts of oil-drenched popcorn ("dinner"), watching the entire Arrested Development series on DVD, and reading (which keeps getting interupted by napping).

Oh, and lest I forget the enjoyable day (not sarcastic - it was actually enjoyable) at the public city pool, during which I managed to score myself a hot, itchy, sweet sunburn (not so enjoyable).

I am pretty convinced it will turn brown in another day, unless the skin just falls right off, in which case....well, let's just hope it turns brown.

I have also been training out here...well, really...running a ton. Oklahoma City has this great running path that treks along the river - and the other night we went for a 7-mile down it.

It was quite nice.

Oh, and speaking of training - good news.

I FINALLY broke the 2000-yard mark in the pool (yes, I have threatened myself with this very high marker that, three months ago, would have been 1/2 a workout, but hey). I struggled to get to 1500, but then, once I got there, I felt like I could keep going, so I did.

End of story.

I think I am going to a baseball game tonight. Since it's Oklahoma, it's a AAA game, but the park looks nice and I am SURE there are hot pretzels there.

Is it me, or is my life starting to revolve around food?

Just a thought.


Andra Sue said...

Sounds like a divine vacation to me! Your post has inspired me...I want to eat a giant bowl of Cheez-its for dinner tonight. And I could, too. Muahahahhahhah!!! The hubby is away. :)

Joe said...

Since I got back from MC200, I have been eating pretty much non-stop. This weekend I was so excited to go the DC United game, not to watch them play, but to eat awesome stadium chicken fingers, fries, pretzels, lemonade...you get the idea. Mmmmmm...

Cindy Jo said...

At least your life doesn't revolve around beer like mine does!

MissAllycat said...

You're going to grow boobs before you know it. :)

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Go Mom Go said...

It is good to know you are still alive. :)

Sounds like just the right kind of vacation. Last night for dinner I ate Triscuits...have you tried them the Rosemary and Olive Oil ones...so good. Anyway, that and a diet coke at my son's baseball game. I guess it was better then concession food but still not quite as good as what you have been eating. I think I had ice cream twice yesterday...it has been really hard since the kids have been home for summer vacation. Who am I kidding...it is hard all the time.


Alili said...

Mmmm, ice cream. Okay it's 9am and I want ice cream-damn it Megan!

Glad you're having a good time...24 days to Racine...ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Benson said...

Now THAT is vacation!
Hot Pretzels? Yeah right.
More like "Hot Boys of Summer."
Hey, you're on vacation, a little eye candy should be part of your diet too.
Have fun.

Prin said...

I'm really hungry now.

Yey for vacations! I wish mine wasn't over. :(

The Clyde said...

Hey at least you're working out (as well as eating)....I normally only do one of the two on vacation, and I think we both know which one that is.

Molly said...

Eating ice cream right now...trying to stay off face book...have fun!
Take Care