Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Birthday in Pictures

Well, thanks for indulging me in two days worth of birthday posts. All the comments were amazing and sweet! I am not really the type of person that makes a who week's event out of the b-day, but for some bizarre reason, I felt compelled to post tons of pictures. It's been, like, my thang lately. So here are some more!

I think I failed to mention that my mother's birthday was yesterday, while mine was today. Now how's THAT for a birthday present: "Mrs. Megan's Mom, you have given birth to a girl - your life now rocks - happy birthday." So we celebrated both together. My mom looks really good for 40, yeah?.....just kidding.
Cheese took this picture of Baby Nolan. Doesn't he look like one of those kids from Whoville? You know, from the Dr. Suess books? Sorry, Ellie, but he does. The funniest part was this was the exact same look he gave Cheese all night - never changed. It's like a mix of "Who the hell is this guy?" and "Got any more Tostitos?"

Mom, Cheese, and my brother-in-law Nat.

Cheese putting his country boy talents to use - shuking corn.

Yeah, it's me....relaxing...

This needs no caption. It just is. Sweet, sweet delicious cake. And when I finished my two pieces, I ate the leftover frosting off the plates of my mom and my sister.
The Sister Girls Three.
Me at 32. Shit I'm getting old.
Cheese rubbing his "food baby," Ellie rubbing her ba-.....oh wait, I can't tell that secret yet.....

So for my actual birthday, I mostly worked, and then took two hours off at the end of the day to go for a run with Cheese. The weather was beautiful, and I needed to run off that cake. After the run, we gorged on sushi and then went to a movie, where I actually limited myself to one box of candy and a small popcorn. I call that a win-win!
Run over, six miles in the books. Have you met my back fat yet? Take it in. It's pretty delicious.
And speaking of delicious, I will end my birthday post with a picture of two very sweaty people. It's like the "birthday cake" ending to this post...but without the cake. Just the birthday. And some sweat. Fantastic.


Mark said...

Happy bday! Now you're gonna have to update your blog to say, "I'm a 32-year-old psychologist...".

LOL....The Cheese and corn...I bet he is good at it!

Go Mom Go said...

What does the back of your IronMeg shirt say?

Happy birthday! Great pictures!

IM Able said...

Lots and lots of smiles which makes me happy happy.

Happy birthday, sweets.

And if you complain about backfat again I'm going to come out there and show you what back fat really looks like. Ah hum? You feel it? That's what I thought.

32. It's a good year. Soak it up...sweat and all.

Tri-Angle said...

Did you kick Cheese in the ass per my instruction?

Happy bithday Doc. You're holding up pretty well for a woman of that age.....

Molly said...

Happy birthday week!
LOVED all the pics yesterday!
32 has been good to me...hope the same for you!
Take Care

the crazy jogger said...

happy birthday :P

Comm's said...

First, I applaud your limits at the movie theater. I always think, "get the medium popcorn." I always say, "large butter with butter in the middle".

Second, I notice your wearing a lot of IMAZ gear in your it should be. Celebrate girl. Get as many M-Dots on you that you can. I suggest a tattoo as well.

The Young Family said...

Happy Birthday to you.... Here was our deranged family song... sick sense of humor that we have....

Oh, Happy Birthday, Oh Happy Birthday, there is misery in the air, people dying everywhere, Oh Happy Birthday..
it goes to a really nice somber tune too!

Story is that one of my brothers came home from camp, and had been taught the "derge" (as we now call it) while at summer camp, so it just stuck, really nice explaining the song to my 3 and 5 year old... no kids, grandma and grandpa aren't crazy, they just like the sick song!

Wow, you think I need some therapy after my child hood? YEARS of it!


Prin said...

Ok, first I read this:
"I am not really the type of person that makes a who week's event out of the b-day"

And I'm thinking, "Does she live in Whoville?" and then I read this:
"Doesn't he look like one of those kids from Whoville? You know, from the Dr. Suess books?"

And then I got the same look on my face as Nolan.

I think in that last pic- the one after you said you were fat?- you're like the size of Cheese's arm. So now, I'm just not going to believe you when you say fat things about yourself. So nerr. :P