Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Two-Post Kinda Day

I can't seem to shake that run today.

By the time I got home, I was pretty salty. As in, my mood - not what was pouring from my dehydrated skin. Although, come to think of it, it could be both.

I keep going over and over in my mind what went wrong - wrong time of the day (11am), weather (stupid hot, humid and sunny), or something else I am not factoring into the mix.

But it pretty much set the tone for a what-would-become a very angry type of day.


I have NO IDEA how I ever forgot to tell this story, especially because it happened about two weeks ago, but I was reminded of it today. So gather around the old fan (I have no AC) and let me tell ya a little diddy.

About two weeks ago, I was crossing Sheridan Road, leaving the beach and walking the three blocks home. Just before I stepped into the street, a BMW with a man driver and a blond female passenger crossed my path.

Now, I was right where Sheridan Road curves into Main Street in Evanston, so as I walk across the street, their car takes the curve and they are basically parellel to me and I head east on Main.

All of the sudden, I hear the man driver screaming, "Nicole, come on! Come on Nicole! Nicole! Don't do this!"

And OF COURSE I'm gonna stare.

Have you met me?

Turns out that, as they made the turn, the blond (Nicole, I guess?) was trying to jump out of the car.

As it was moving.

Bitch was trying to jump out of a moving car!!!

Like in the movies!

But without the cameras!

And the guy just keeps screaming instead of just pulling over and stopping.

Well, eventually he does, she jumps out and start walking back the way they came. He drives up to the corner and parks, and I could see him trying to make a call on the cell phone.

Odd, he didn't, like, chase after her or anything. He just sort of sat there in his car while crazy-car-jumping girl walked home.

Well, maybe not so weird.

Because in my opinion, if I was dating someone crazy enough to actually try to jump out of a car, not only would I LET him, but I would hit the gas HARD and get the eff out of there before he could get my license plate number.

'Cause that?

That is shit-nuts crazy.

And what reminded me of this cute little story today, of all days?

This afternoon, I was driving to my office and in front of the Starbucks, a man was sitting in his car, opened his door, leaned out, and threw up.

I know, RIGHT?

Moral of the stories?

People do some weird things in their cars.....


I feel oddly better now....


Dave said...

The phrase I like is "batshit crazy," and if her name wasn't Nicole I would have thought I had dated her before. ;)

Steve Stenzel said...


The Big Cheese said...

Have I ever told the story about my drive home from Arizona, and what happened in Texas? No. Oh, I forget then...

Tea said...

OMG! You see the coolest stuff! All I see is cows....and cows...and some wheat....oh, and there WAS that red sequined thong in front of the sportmen's club.

Prin said...

I'm kinda glad I don't see what you see. Ew.

As for the run, that's easy. You were trying to run. There's your problem right there. How are you supposed to get the gummies into your mouth with all that bouncing? No wonder there was crabbiness.

Kathleen said...

You see some weird stuff!