Thursday, July 10, 2008

What's Bastille Day Anyways?

Eh, who cares? All I know is that they have a race to celebrate it here in Chicago. And bonus! It's on a Thursday night, so you know what that means? No early monring rising, rushing around, sleepy eyes, and morning poops in the porto-potties. However, today's race was book-ended by storms. The first storm was short, and left us slightly wet when we got off the train downtown.

But soon the storm blew over and headed out towards the lake - the sun even came up!
Me and my sister, Flash, walking east towards the Start. This was about as slow as Flash moved all night - she ended up finishing in 21 minutes. 21 MINUTES. We parted ways shortly after this picture because she needed to do a "warm-up" and some "dynamic stretching." Whatever that means.
Yay for Sisters!
Here we are, saying our good byes. It's cute that Flash wears her IronMeg visor everywhere. Gives me a little lump in the throat.

And even though my warm up consisted of NOTHING - well, except for maybe standing around checking out all the other people and trying to figure out what the post run food situation was - Cheese did his own version of a warm up. Well, by warm up I mean he asked me to take a pcitures of him running with both feet off the ground - you know, because he never had a picture of him with both feet off the ground. Good thing we approached this race with some seriousness.

And while the first storm was long gone over the lake, the second on came just as I crossed the finish line (26:10). I saw it looming as the race started, and watched as the black clouds hung over us for most of the run. As I rounded this last corner the sky opened up and the downpoured. It was brutal when Cheese crossed (31:22), and made for a long, wet, cold ride home on the train.
And that's that for the Thursday.


Danielle in Iowa said...

Stretching? Who stretches? She's totally an overachiever :-)

Prin said...

I'm glad one of us ran yesterday. Phew.

How long was it? Did I miss the distance?

The Clyde said...

That second storm was a classic "bow echo" according to Ginger Zee on NBC5 last was pretty gnarley out in the burbs too.

Go Mom Go said...

Great pictures!

I need to start taking my camera with me...wait I have my cell phone, but that means I need to figure out how to get my pictures out of the phone.

Have a great weekend.

Fave said...

what a fab 5k!
1. speedy over there in 21 minutes. did you look at her sneakers? were there little engines in there?
2. 26 minutes? um... go you!
3. LOVE the running skirts. check it out - i just posted a skirt video i was in for runners world. yay for the skirt!

Molly said... McCue's are all speedy...26 minutes rocks!
maybe i need to learn some dynamic stretching!
take care

Comm's said...

i've always wanted a picture of my feet off the ground running, too!

Doug said...

If you have a name like 'Flash' does that make you fast? Or do you get that name because you are fast...